Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes

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Are you looking for a delicious way to make this Thanksgiving meal memorable? Look no further than your trusty Instant Pot! This collection of Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes will get your mouth watering and have your family and friends excitedly awaiting the upcoming holiday feast. From a delicious pot roast and creamy mashed potatoes, to roasted butternut squash and apple pie moonshine, this list of recipes is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Not only are these recipes easy to follow and delicious, but they are also much faster than preparing traditional Thanksgiving dishes. So, embrace this new way of cooking, and savor the warm, cozy flavors of the holiday season with these delicious Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes.

Let me share some of the tops tried and true Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes to try. Leave that oven for other dishes and cook fast and with a hands-off approach for the perfect holiday dish each and every time. 

Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes

instant pot thanksgiving recipes

Here is a great list of classic recipes to serve at Thanksgiving and some new ideas to help change up your meal a bit. Whether you eat a traditional ham or are looking for other methods, I got you covered. Plus I have tons of great side dishes that will make your mouth water. 

Why Cook Thanksgiving Recipes In The Instant Pot

  • The Instant Pot uses less energy than the oven and stove. So if you are looking for a way to save energy, consider reaching for your handy IP Pot! 
  • Quick and easy to prep and make. Most recipes give you that hands-off approach so you can be working on other dishes to serve up your family and friends. I have found the Instant Pot to be a great way to maximize my time. 

  • Fool-Proof Recipes are what you will find here. You get that perfect dish that your family and friends will dive into and reach for seconds. 
  • It doesn’t heat the house as it cooks. Do you always feel how hot the house gets on holidays? It is nice to not overwork the appliances so much and can enjoy a cooler home that doesn’t leave you sweating. 

Can I Use Instant Pot Duo For Thanksgiving Recipes

Absolutely! You can use any of these recipes in your Instant Pot Duo, just use the pressure cooker setting. You will get the same amazing meals that you would in the classic Instant Pot.

If you make a recipe or two, let me know what you think! I love hearing people rave about the Instant Pot as I do! It is such a game-changer for cooking in the kitchen all year round! 

instant pot thanksgiving recipes

Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes

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