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Ninja Foodi Holiday Recipes

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Whip up one or more of these Ninja Foodi Holiday Recipes to dress up your feast. These Ninja Foodi recipes are tried and true and will give your family and friends something to devour.

Let me share all the recipes you need to try it out in your Ninja Foodi! Whether you are looking for a main dish, side, or even dessert I got you covered. Find all the best Ninja Foodi Holiday ideas all in one spot!

Ninja Foodi Holiday Recipes

When To Serve Up These Ninja Foodi Holiday Recipes

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • And any other holiday where you want a feast

What Is So Nice About The Ninja Foodi 

You can use your Ninja Foodi for so many amazing dishes. You can pressure cook, slow cook, air fry, and more all in one. Cook and serve incredible dishes for everyone without using a ton of energy. 

Ninja Foodi Holiday Recipes

This is a nice size list of holiday recipes to consider. Or make these for any weeknight meal, birthday, or any other occasion. 

Ninja Foodi Holiday Recipes

Main Dish Recipes

Side Dish Recipes

Dessert Recipes

Breakfast Recipes


How Do You Make Hosting A Meal Easier 

  • Prep Ahead | Do all you can to meal prep ahead of time so that you don’t have to be cooking away in the kitchen while your guests are around. Freeze dishes, or toss in the fridge and warm up right before guests arrive. 
  • Dress Table | Dress your table and decorate a day or two before the event. That way the day of you wake up and focus on appetizers, main meals, side dishes, etc. 
  • Accept Help | Never be afraid to accept help. Let guests bring dishes to compliment your meal, or jump in the kitchen and help whip things up. 
  • Trash Can and Bins | Have a trash can for trash and place a bin next to it to place dishes that need to be washed. Then load in dishwasher fast, and let it handle the work. 

Still new to the Ninja Foodi?

Check out this awesome list of Ninja Foodi Must Try Recipes, Air Fried Oreos, Garlic Fries, Breakfast Pizza, Donuts, Bagels & more!


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