Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Ribeye Steak

Skip dining out and make this incredible Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Ribeye Steak! Get that restaurant quality steak made right in your own kitchen. 

My Ninja Foodi Grill is quickly replacing my barbeque grill outdoors. I can make incredible perfectly seared steaks in my kitchen! Even my husband is impressed. 

Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Grilled Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak is one of our favorites. Tender and juicy steak that you can cook to your preference. Slice and serve with your favorite sides. 

Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Grilled Ribeye Steak

What To Serve With Ribeye Steaks

I could literally be here all day sharing my topsides. Steak is versatile so make whatever your family loves and dig in. 

How to Pick A Good Steak

Many days picking a quality steak takes practice. Here are some pointers to look for when it comes to buying quality steaks. 

  1. Make sure to look at the color of the steak. Brightly red-pinkish steaks are key. You don’t want a brown spotted steak. 
  2. The marbling of the steak so that you see swirls of white throughout. The fat will help flavor the steak and make it juicy as it grills up. 
  3. Make sure the fat is white, not yellow tinted. Bright white is key to quality. 

How Long Does it Take A Ribeye To Cook on Ninja Foodi Grill

Now I share all the instructions below on how to cook a ribeye and timing. But one factor that plays a role is the thickness of the steak. 

Depending on how thin or thick your steak is will greatly affect your cooking time. So use my recipe as a guide. But ensure you monitor your steaks.

Best Way To Marinade Ribeye Steaks for Grilling

I have a homemade steak marinade in the recipe box. This marinade is one I use all the time on steaks. 

Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Grilled Ribeye Steak

Nothing is worse than spending money on steaks for the flavor to be bland or not appealing. So many rave about this recipe. 

Can I Cook Other Cuts of Steaks in Foodi Grill 

Absolutely! I love ribeyes but this recipe works on other cuts. Flat irons, KC strips and the list goes on. 

My marinade also helps to tenderize the meat so it is good on even more affordable cuts of beef steaks, 


  • Rare | 130-135 degrees
  • Medium Rare | 140-145 degrees
  • Medium | 155-160 degrees
  • Well Done | 165 degrees

Want More Ninja Foodi Grill Recipes

So what are you waiting for? If you love steak try my Ninja Foodi Grill steak recipe and let me know what you think! 

Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Grilled Ribeye Steak

Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Grilled Ribeye Steak

Ninja Foodi Grill Marinated Juicy Grilled Ribeye Steak



    1. Make the steak marinade in advance and get your streak marinating in the refrigerator before cooking.
    2. Insert removable cooking pot. Insert grill grate into your pot.
    3. Press grill button, set to high (500 degrees), set time to 10 minutes for aprx. 1 - 1.5" thick steak. Allow to preheat. (will take aprx. 8 minutes)
    4. Once "Add Food" flashes, add steaks onto grill, close lid.and grill for 4-6 minutes, than flip the meat, closing grill once again. Cook for another 5 minutes and check internal temperature to see if has reached your personal preference.
    5. Allow meat to rest 5 minutes before cutting and serving.

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  1. Yes, perfect timing and temperature for fatty ribeye or chuck-eyes( my favorite). Just keep an eye on them, mine was 9 minutes, med-rare, and hubby’s was thicker, so 10 minutes. Be SURE to let them ret 9 minutes. Yum

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