Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

As you all know, I am a huge fan of the Instant Pot, and I have collected quite a few Instant Pot accessories over the past year. I thought it could be fun to share all the fun Instant Pot accessories you need in your life.

While the Instant Pot is magical all on its own, when you pair it with these accessories, it becomes a unicorn! I am pretty sure no other kitchen gadget will ever top the level of awesomeness like the Instant Pot has in so many homes! Here is my list of Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

Glass Lid 

Consider ordering a glass lid if you don’t own one yet. It is great to use for when you use your saute setting, or you are keeping the food warm. It acts just like a regular lid for a pot, and great for lifting off and serving your food up to your guests. One other way I use the glass lid is for the slow cooker option; it helps keep the moisture sealed in the post as it cooks.

Egg Steamer 

These egg steamer racks are helpful because they are great for making hard boiled eggs, but you can use them for other foods which are great for getting a lot of use out them. Use them as a basic rack or cook up some perfect eggs each time.

Stackable Steamer Pans 

Stacking steamer pans are great for when you want to use your pan for a variety of items at once or to reheat any leftovers from the night before. They lock into place and stack on top of each other. Utilize all the space you can in your Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

Egg Bite Molds 

I am sure you have seen the copycat Starbucks egg bites recipes floating around. If you want to make egg bites, this is the egg bite mold you need. Beautiful eggs bite every time. Add your favorite ingredients like chopped peppers, sausage crumbles and more for an excellent breakfast on the go.

Foam Brushes

While you will find this in the craft section, these foam brushes work great for getting in and cleaning under the rim. It quickly gets rid of any stuck on food that is hiding. You can add soap and water to the brush and reach the tiny crevices with ease. This is a convenient trick I have used for quite awhile now. When it gets gross toss and use a new one, very affordable.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

Push Pan 

A push pan is also called a cheesecake pan for some. Once you are done cooking, you unseal, the ring and the sides release, to display your perfect casserole or cheesecake. Great for making taco casseroles, sweet cheesecakes, upside down cakes and more. The possibilities are endless.

Bundt Cake Pan 

bundt cake pan can be used to make cakes of course, but also meatloaf, stuffing and more. You can use this pan for a handful of recipes that you might be considering to make. I like this one you can buy in a variety of colors, and it is very easy to wash and clean.

Savory and Sweet Sealing Rings 

If you are somewhat new to the Instant Pot you might, not know that depending on what dish you make could leave a lingering odor in your sealing rings. This savory and sweet sealing ring set are nice because each color will represent either sweet or savory. So when you make cheesecake you know which ring to use. So last nights cabbage doesn’t soak into your glorious cheesecake.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

Silicone Lid

A silicone lid is really nice to have if you plan to store your leftovers in your pot. Then put the silicone lid on top and pop it in your fridge. It seals the top so no odors escape or come in, and is easy to wash and remove. The glass lid works well too I just prefer silicone as it is flat and the glass sticks up more.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

Silicone Baking Cups 

These silicone baking cups are so versatile. Make cupcakes, mini omelets, single serve brownies, cornbread, and more in them. They are great for cooking items in your Instant Pot, and they are dishwasher safe, so the cleanup is a breeze. Nothing has really stuck in these so far, and if you are afraid you can always do a quick spritz of cooking spray.

Ceramic Non-Stick Inner Pot

Having an extra pot is great for being able to cook different dishes for one meal. Say you want to cook up some crack chicken, go for it. Pull the pot out and replace with a new one and then cook up your favorite side dish to go along with it. This works great and saves you the hassle of having to clean your pot in between uses or washing dishes.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 


I didn’t realize until recently you can buy a cover that protects your Instant Pot and also adds a little design. When you are not using your IP just toss it in this case and store in a cupboard or even out on your counter. Different colors and designs are available.

Instant Pot Accessories You Need In Your Life 

Snap N Strain Strainer, Clip On Silicone Colander

This may be my all time favorite accessory. I have been using it for years when making pasta the traditional way.  Now I use it all the time on my instant pot.  This clips on to the side of your pot and you can pour all the liquid safely out of your pot.

Glass Jar For Yogurt

Another great accessory to consider are these glass jars for yogurt. They work well to be used in the Instant Pot, then remove and put the lid on, and you have single servings of yogurt that goes in your fridge. Top with fresh fruit or granola, and you have one delicious treat ready to take on the go or sit down and enjoy.

Steam Release Accessory 

This steam release accessory is great for those who don’t like steam hitting their cabinets. If you live in a smaller space and don’t have a ton of room you can direct the steam with this little accessory. Just put it on, and it will blow the steam out where you face it instead of shooting directly up.

This Silicone Sling is another one of my favorites. It is durable and lets you lift bowls, pans, bakeware out of pressure cookers safely and easily, with no more scalds or foil slings.  It also doubles as a practical egg steamer rack or hot pans trivet.

What is your favorite Instant Pot accessory?

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