30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Are you ready for these 30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals? This list of recipes includes some of the easiest, most delicious dump-and-go freezer meals.  Make as many or as little as you like.  These Instant Pot freezer meals will be the lifesaver that you need at some of life’s most hectic moments.

Instant Pot Freezer Meal! You read that right! All of these meals can be prepped and frozen for a super simple but yet satisfyingly good meal made at home! Each is an amazingly easy dump-and-go recipe that requires little prep effort and gives you the results of slaving over a hot stove.  

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

When will I need this many Instant pot freezer meals?

  • Meal Prepping for Back To School Madness
  • New Baby on the Horizon (I gifted an IP to a friend who is expecting, makes the perfect gift)
  • Want to Stop Eating Out As Much 
  • Saves you Money 
  • Time-Saving Meals
  • Convenient
  • Time to get healthy again

The list can go on forever! You guys, I love to cook but I don’t always have the time for long prepped meals. All these meals are wholesome and satisfying meals that the whole family can enjoy. 

I even gifted a friend who is expecting an Instant Pot! I know for me having one when my kids were young would have saved me. But they weren’t out then. But now she can enjoy quick, hands-off meals when she has a newborn to care for. 

Are All These Meals Made In The Instant Pot

Yes! You can make them fresh or cut some corners later and prep them and toss them in the freezer for a meal later on down the line. 

Since I know how much some of you love your slow cookers, I have also included slow cooker directions for every meal.

How Long Does It Take To Reheat Freezer Instant Pot Meals

Almost all of these meals require just 3-5 minute cook time since you are starting with pre-cooked meat and other ingredients! 

If you remove your lid after cooking and see you have a few cold spots left, close the lid and do another 2-3 minutes or whatever you feel is best and ring that dinner bell! 

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Can You Convert These Instant Pot Recipes To A Slow Cooker

Yes! All of these recipes in the recipe card will share how to make in the slow cooker. That way you have a choice of which kitchen device you use. 

What If I Am New To The Instant Pot

All of these recipes are very straightforward and easy to follow. Minimal steps are needed. This 30 Day Instant Pot Challenge list offers amazing recipes for beginners! 

Start trying your Instant Pot and see how you like it. We always use ours in our home. 

My Instant Pot Is Still In The Box

I hear you loud and clear. If you could believe it, a very long time ago, I also had an Instant Pot that sat unopened for quite some time.  I completely understand the fear that can sometimes be associated with the old myths of Instant Pots.

Have no more fear.  The Instant Pot has come such a long way.

Is The Instant Pot Safe

YES, with the assistance and reading of your user manual, your Instant Pot is quite safe.  I do recommend being aware and practicing some important safety tips to ensure that you are being as safe as you can be.

Many times it can be user error that can cause a mishap. So please use your best caution when using your Instant Pot.

Single Parent Meal Prep Survival

As many of you remember I was once a single mom.  I can completely relate to all of your struggles. One of the many challenges I faced was getting a good wholesome meal on the table for my children. Let’s face it, it is a struggle to remember to brush your hair some mornings.

This meal prep is so perfectly painless.  95% of the recipes are instant pot dump and go meals.

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Dump And Go Instant Pot Freezer Meals

30 delicious days of easy dump and go Instant Pot freezer meals.  Your time is too valuable to spend 8 hours in your kitchen preparing 30 days worth of meals.  Heck, it would be too darn complicated. We took all of the difficulty out of this meal prep for you.

We have selected 30 of the easiest delicious dump-and-go Instant Pot freezer meals.  Each freezer meal requires minimal prep work.

Ways to Prep These Meals Even Faster

  • Frozen | Reach for frozen veggies that are ready to go! You can even buy frozen fruit. All fruit and vegetables are frozen at their prime so you will get quality freshness and ripeness. 
  • Pre-Cut Items | I rarely chop an onion anymore. I can not take the burning in my eyes and really hate to cry. You can buy frozen chopped onions for cheap and then dump them right into your Instant pot to sauté. The same goes for jarred garlic! 
  • Batch Cook Meat | I always buy my meat and then take a night and cook up a ton of ground beef to freeze. Then the next night I do chicken and freeze bags of shredded chicken. It saves an enormous amount of time and only takes a little time out of my night. 
  • Onions and Garlic | Sauteeing onions and garlic will add so much flavor to your recipes. I recommend using pre-cut and toss in and sauté till tender and fragrant. This will transform any recipe that calls for onions and garlic. 

Do I need to Prepare anything ahead of time for my Freezer Meals?

Yes, if you would like the day you prepare all of your meals to be, as seamless as possible.  You will want to make a few things in advance.  I like to make my ground beef, shredded chicken & shredded beef in advance.

I will buy meat in bulk whenever it is on sale.  My Instant Pot is really my secret weapon to savings!

I also like to make a big batch of plain white rice (we can never get enough in my house) and my kick-butt cilantro rice.  These are an amazing quick side dish secret weapon and can be used as a side dish with many of our freezer meals.

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Sport Parent Survival

I am a Mom to 4 boys. Over the years, I have been a Basketball Mom, Baseball Mom, Lacrosse Mom, Gymnastics Mom, and Track Mom.  I have had seasons overlap and multiple boys on multiple teams.  I know how crazy sports parent life can be.

One of the hardest struggles I had was getting dinner on the table. I have 4 growing boys and during their various sports seasons, they are hangry!

This Instant Pot Freezer Meal 30 Day Challenge will help you get food on the table during the most hectic moments in life.

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Gift Idea For The New Parent

Give the gift of love, is one of my favorite expressions. There is nothing more special than a gift that was made with tons of love.  As a Mom of 4 boys, I know a lot of my favorite things that have saved me time over the years. I mean, being a Mom of 4 boys is exactly why I fell in love with my Instant Pot.  This is the number one biggest time-saving item that you can have in your kitchen.

Keep an eye out for those great sales on Instant Pots.  If you are a member of our Instant Pot Recipes and Talk and Sous Vide recipe group we will normally post when there are Instant Pot deals.

Make a great gift for the new Mom in your life by gifting them their first Instant Pot. Prepare a few freezer meals for the new parent.  You can not imagine how much this gift will be appreciated.

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Budget Friendly Instant Pot Meals

We all have those moments in life where we need to be extremely budget-friendly.  I previously spoke about some perfect examples, such as a single parent and a sports parent.  There are plenty of other times in life that we really need to watch our budgets.

With 4 boys I always try to keep our budget in check, around the holidays.  This 30-day meal challenge is so perfect for the holidays. It will help you stick to a tight budget, almost every one of these recipes are super budget-friendly. It will also help you get a warm meal on the table instead of fast food as you are running around preparing for the holidays.

Make a New Years Resolution to Eat Healthier & Spend Less

We are all guilty of making a New Years’ resolution we do not keep.  The biggest reason people fail is that you are not setting up an environment to create success.  We have taken all of the leg work out of it for you.  Each and every one of our recipes is a wholesome healthy meal. Pair it with a salad if you are counting your calories.

Spend this weekend preparing 30 meals and spend the entire month enjoying delicious healthy budget-friendly meals.

If you would like an extra added boost to your savings, try our 365 Penny Challenge for a super fun money-saving challenge.

What tools You Need

There are a few things that you have to have to successfully complete your Instant Pot freezer meals.  The only items that are a must-have are Ziploc freezer bags & a sharpie.

I found a few items that really made my meal prep a lot easier.  One of my new favorite kitchen items is my Baggy Rack. It is not an item you absolutely have to use but if your budget has a little bit of room, I highly recommend the Baggy Rack. I also ordered some freezer labels to use as well, but this was not necessary.  As a matter of fact, If you look below, you will find freezer labels already filled out and ready for you to print.

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Here are FREE freezer labels that you can print out to use. Click HERE to PRINT

Instant Pot Freezer Meal 30 Day Meal Challenge

What Types of Recipes Are In This Meal Challenge

Home-cooked and delicious recipes anyone can enjoy. Mexican recipes, soups, pasta dishes, and more. Each one is enough food for a delicious sit-down meal.  

Shopping for my Freezer Dump Meals:

I have made a full shopping list for the first 10 Dump Meals to make your life easier. You can Print This List it and bring it to the store with you. 

You will feel totally satisfied with the assortment of recipes! It’s an incredible lineup!

Please share your 30-day challenge experience with us.  Comment below and tell me what you appreciated most, the money savings or having 30 days of fresh home-cooked meals. These types of challenges have always changed my life for the positive.

30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

Are your ready for this 30 Instant Pot Freezer Meals? This list of recipes includes some of the easiest, most delicious dump and go freezer meals. 

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      1. I only found the shopping list for the first 10 days, do you have lists for the others? I am anxious to get started. I am brand new to Instant Pot. Judy

        1. Yes I am so sorry, the other two shopping lists are on the other two blogs with recipes listed. So the second 10 recipes, you can find the shopping list on adventures of a nurse, and the 3rd 10 recipes, you can find the shopping list at Bake me Some Sugar

  1. I started running through the recipes and I noticed you are missing some ingredients on your shopping list. Pot roast and mashed potatoes was the first I noticed. I’m really excited to try this out! Thanks for putting it together.

    1. Hi Layla, We each have our own shopping list. We may be changing that in the near future to put it all on one shopping list but for right now we do have 3 separate ones. Hopefully you can manage for now until we get one super big list. Happy Meal prepping!

  2. I only see a shopping list for the first 10 recipes. Is there a shopping list that has all ingredients for all recipes on it?

  3. I bought the ingredients for your 10 meals and I think some of the ingredients are missing (like white beans) and I don’t see why I had to buy 2 heads of lettuce for freezer meals? I don’t see lettuce mentioned besides the asian wrap which would be bought later when eating right? I wanted to do this to prep for our newborn coming soon and I am bummed I am going to have to go back to the store and eat a metric ton of salad this week!

  4. I am excited to try the Insta Pot Fiesta Chicken. I am confused when cooking from frozen and wanting to add the rice. Do I cook for 12 minutes on high, add the rice and cook for another 12 minutes on low? Or do I add the rice right away and cook it all on low for only 12 minutes?

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