365 Day Penny Challenge + Printable

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Start your New Year off right this year while setting yourself up for a little financial freedom next holiday season.This 365 Day Penny Challenge + Printable will surprise you at what you end up with saved at the end of the year! 

I think we can all agree that we struggle every year to buy all the presents we would like.  Between the cost of presents and a holiday dinner, I find the struggle more difficult each year.

365 Penny Challenge 

I have always wanted to try the 52 week challenge but find that a little steep, for my pocket, some weeks.

365 day penny challenge

How Does The 365 Penny Challenge Work

  I love the 365 day penny challenge, it fits my budget perfect.  You will start on the first day by putting one penny in. Day two put in two pennies.  Day three, 3 pennies. Day 100, will be $1.00. The highest amount you will put in on one day, is day 365, you will put in $3.65.  Now that is totally doable!

How Much Money Do You End Up With Doing The 365 Penny Challenge

At the end of 365 days, you will have painlessly saved $667.95.  Easy peasy!

This is so easy, I think I will encourage my boys to start this challenge as a way to save up for their future.  In 10 years there will be almost $7000 and that is with no interest earned. Put that in an interest bearing account and see that figure grow!

How Do I Do The Penny Challenge

Use this adorable printable below to print and place on yours savings jar.  Set it up where you will see it every night and use your spare change from the day. 

 Click on the image below to print. 

How Can I Save Money When I Live Paycheck To Paycheck

You might find this penny challenge to be an easier way to save money. Instead of trying to save lump sums of money, working with pennies a day seems more “doable” in a sense.

 It helps you to start small and create a lump sum of money at the end of a year. 

365 day penny challenge

Where to Store Pennies for Penny Challenge

I found a good size jar to store my pennies in. Since you are going to have a lot of pennies over time you will find traditional piggy banks are a bit small. You also don’t want a ceramic bank to be borderline to heavy and risk breaking it. 

Tips For Making Penny Challenge A Success

  • Make sure you put your printable in a place you see it often along with jar. 
  • Whether with a marker or highlighter mark off each day you do. That way if you get behind you know what you need to add to catch up. 
  • When you get to bigger days feel free to use nickles, dimes, etc. 
  • Set an alarm to go on each day or night to remind you in the beginning to do it. Then once it becomes a habit you will remember easily. 

Can I Do More Than A Year 

Of course you can extend this as long as you would like. After you do it for awhile it will become routine. This is a fantastic way to train your mind to value saving money. 

Before you know it you will be saving even more when you can! It becomes exciting when you go to cash in the money. 

What to Do With Money Saved

You can cash it in and then deposit into a savings account or checking. Take cash and then store in a new container to build up your savings even more. 

Use money for a home diy project, traveling and vacationing, pay off debt, and the list goes on. 

This Penny Challenge is great for young and old. Become regular at saving money and watch your nest egg of savings grow even more. 

365 day penny challenge

Money Savings

Once you get used to saving money, you will be looking for more money saving ideas! Let me know what you think! 

 Click on the image below to print. 

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  1. Shut the front door, 1 penny can lead to $667, in one year. what would 5 cents amount to, that would give enough for presents and dinner for me, with left overs.

  2. This will be my 3rd year and it is fantastic. Sound too easy? It is simple in the beginning but gets harder toward the 6th month and so on. i did developed my own payout sheet and instead of trying to come up with the daily change due, I put the money in on Monday’s for a whole week. Good Luck….

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