“You Make My Heart Pop” Valentine’s Microwave Popcorn Printable

Celebrate the season of love with a heartwarming gesture that combines the sweetness of Valentine’s Day with the simple joy of a cozy movie night. Our “You Make My Heart Pop” Valentine’s microwave popcorn Printable is the perfect touch to elevate a classic treat – microwave popcorn. This delightful printable, adorned with a charming message, transforms a humble bag of popcorn into a thoughtful and personalized Valentine’s gift. Imagine the joy on your loved one’s face as they receive this token of affection, complete with a heartfelt message expressing the warmth you feel. Join us in spreading love one popcorn at a time as we guide you through the creation of a simple yet heartfelt Valentine’s gift that will make hearts pop with happiness.

Print, cut, and spread the love! The process is as easy as popping corn kernels. Simply download our “You Make My Heart Pop” printable, carefully cut it out, and then attach it to a package of microwave popcorn using tape or ribbon. The result is a charming and thoughtful Valentine’s gift that combines the coziness of a movie night with a heartfelt message. Whether you’re surprising your significant other, a friend, or a family member, this delightful printable adds a touch of personalization to a classic snack, making it a unique and memorable way to express your affection. Embrace the simplicity of this gesture, and let the warmth of love and the aroma of freshly popped popcorn fill the air this Valentine’s Day.

you make my heart pop valentine

I have always sent my boys off to school with Valentine’s when it was still age-appropriate.  I did not let them off the hook until the last possible minute.  I wanted to make sure that they fully embraced the joy of Valentine’s Day.  

you make my heart pop valentine

You make my heart Pop

Making extra special Valentine’s for them to hand out to their friends and teachers always made them love the holiday even more. 

I have made this adorable printable that can be used on anything your creative mind comes up with.  I have paired it with microwave popcorn since we are playing on the word “POP”.  Each sheet will print 4 printables for you to use. 

you make my heart pop valentine

What Paper to Use For Valentine’s Day Printable

You can use either regular printer paper or opt for card stock. I find that card stock offers a sturdier valentine to hand out. 

But if printer paper is all you have that will work too. 

you make my heart pop valentine

How Many Valentine Printables Are On A Page

This printable has 4 to a page. You can print off as many as you need to hand out to people. 

I just bought some boxes of popcorn and it worked great. You can even find snack bag sizes of popcorn to buy. 

Prepacked popcorn that is already popped like Chicka Boom popcorn works great too. Kerman’s or pre-popped popcorn is great. 

you make my heart pop valentine

How to Pair Printable with Popcorn

You can use tape to attach the printable to popcorn or even use ribbon and a hole punch. 

You can find what works best with the supplies you have and work on it that way. 

you make my heart pop valentine

How to Print A Valentine Printable

All you have to do is download the file for the printable. Once you have the file open it up and send to your printer to print. 

Once printed allow pages to dry, then cut accordingly. Let your child sign their name and attach to popcorn! 

See how easy it is, and it doesn’t cost a ton to make. 

you make my heart pop valentine

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

So if you are looking for an easy gift, this Valentine printable paired with popcorn might be perfect! 


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