You Light Up My Life, Valentine’s Day Printable

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Print off this You Light Up My Life, Valentine’s Day Printable! This is a super easy and creative Valentine for kids to enjoy. 

You Light Up My Life, Valentine's Day Printable

Long gone are the days when my boys would give out Valentine’s.  I miss those days terribly.  The sweet innocence and pure joy of the holiday would always make my heart warm.  I could not resist creating these sweet printables for your children to enjoy.  These, You Light Up My Life, Valentine’s Day Printables are just adorable!!  

You Light Up My Life, Valentine’s Day Printable

I made these with school in mind and paired them with an adorable glow stick.  This will keep both the kids and the school happy.

More Valentine Printables

I have two other Valentine’s printables available for you to print right now.  Check out Valentine’s Day: You Make My Heart Pop Printable and Valentine’s Day: Have a Magical Valentine’s Day Printable.

You will want to help assemble these with your children since I did use an X-Acto knife to cut a slit in the bottom of my light bulb (to insert the glow stick). 

valentine's day printable

What Type Of Paper To Use For Valentine Printable

For this, you can use card stock to print. I find that since you are cutting out the light bulb it is best to have a sturdier piece of paper so it doesn’t flop around. 

Now if all you have is printer paper it will work. It just might not be as sturdy so be gentle. 

What If I Don’t Own A Printer

If you want to print out this free Valentine’s Day printable but don’t have a printer, do not fret. You can go to Staples or Office Max and have them print off this printable there. 

Many stores will print items for you, for a fee of course. Then you can bring your sheets home and work on cutting and attaching a glow stick to each. 

Who To Give These Printable Valentine’s To

  • Child’s classmates
  • Daycare kids
  • Playdate friends
  • Family members 
  • Etc

Even if your child is not in school yet, you will find fun ways to hand these printable Valentine’s out to people! 

Project For Little Hands

If you have younger kids who know how to use scissors, let them help in making these valentines! 

It is a great motor skill for them to practice on and it is a great way for them to get excited about gifting these to people! 

They can even work at writing their name on each if you want. I loved letting my boys jump in and helping when we did class valentines. 

Is it Expensive to Make Your Own Valentine’s 

These light bulb Printables are pretty cheap to make. Just print, cut, and attach a glow stick. You could buy your sticks in bulk on Amazon for a cheaper price to help lower the cost. 

Making homemade valentines for kids can be a money saver if you are strategic. 

You Light Up My Life, Valentine's Day Printable


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