How To Use Your Ninja Foodi

There is a new kitchen accessory on the market that is taking holiday wish lists by storm! The Ninja Foodi is the must-have kitchen item! I will give you a step-by-step on how to use your Ninja Foodi as well as simple ninja foodi recipes to get started today!

What Exactly Is A Ninja Foodi

The Ninja Foodi is a multi-use kitchen appliance that pairs the features of an air fryer and pressure cooker in one. You are able to cook your food fast under high pressure with the pressure cooker feature, and then transition lids and crisp it up with the air fryer lid. So you can get that frozen steak cooked in minutes and then give it that crispy and crusty texture on the outside as if it came off a grill.

How Does The Ninja Foodi Work

Two separate lids! One lid is for the electric pressure cooker, and the other is the air fryer lid. Both lids can be used in one single recipe, just after the pressure cooker is done, you take the pressure cooker lid off, seal on the air fryer lid and crisp up your food. This is saving people so much time because if you have a pressure cooker you know it cooks food fast but for that crispy texture, you have to toss it in an oven to broil. Now, you don’t have to! This one machine does both!

ninja foodi

Before you start using your Ninja Foodi

Before we get started let me first welcome you to the Ninja Foodi family. I promise you that the Ninja Foodi will change your life. If you are a seasoned instant pot user or not, you won’t believe how versatile the Ninja Foodi is. Be sure to join our Ninja Foodi community to share tips and recipes that you love and also find great new recipes to try! 

Testing Out The Ninja Foodi

I will walk you through in my video how I did my first water test. I shared tips and tricks on what to look for when you are working with your pressure cooker lid, ensuring you empty out the condensation holder, and more. You can see firsthand how easy this was to do and run my initial test.

Don’t be afraid, I think if you give it a try you will love the Ninja Foodi for sure.

Can I Use Just One Feature on Foodie

Yes! Feel free to use just the air fryer lid or pressure cooker feature. You are not required to do both, but are welcome to! From crisping up some chicken tenders in the air fryer feature, or cooking a stew in a handful of minutes, the features work exceptionally well.

The only downfall with this device is the air fryer lid does not fully remove. So when you go to use the pressure cooker feature the air fryer lid is still attached and just stands up, so you can seal the other lid. Some do complain about this, but it is something that can be overlooked.

Natural release vs Quick Release

Depending on the recipe, it will call for a natural release or a quick release.

A natural release is when you allow the steam to release from the pot on its own. This is a slow-release of pressure. 

Quick release. Is when you release the steam out of the pot quickly. You do this by switching the steam release valve to the venting position. Steam will quickly release out of the pot. Be sure you do not have any part of your body in the way of the steam. It is very hot and will burn you. 

If a recipe calls for a natural release for a set amount of time then you will naturally let it release for that amount and then switch the valve to vent to get the rest of the steam out of the pot prior to opening.

Must-Have Accessories for the Instant Pot

While there are so many accessories on the market for the Instant Pot I recommend 10 must-have Instant Pot accessories

Some of my favorites on the list are:

  • Steamer BasketThe key to cooking great veggies in the Instant Pot is to steam them above the water rather than cooking them in the water. A steamer basket helps you do make perfect vegetables every time!
  • egg bites molds (If you love egg bites this is an absolute must! Be sure to try some of our egg bite recipes below!)

push pan (if you are planning to make fail-proof Instant Pot cheesecakes then add this to your collection!)

The Snap N Strain Strainer, Clip On Silicone Colander be my all time favorite accessory. I have been using it for years when making pasta the traditional way.  Now I use it all the time on my instant pot.  This clips on to the side of your pot and you can pour all the liquid safely out of your pot.


Benefits Of Ninja Foodi

So let me share some prime examples of how magical and fantastic the Ninja Foodi is when it comes to preparing a meal for you and your family!

Baked Mac and Cheese | So start out by cooking your macaroni and cheese in the pressure cooker feature. Once done switch over to the air fryer feature and get that crispy golden brown topping that you would get when baked. All of this can be done in this one appliance which saves dishes and time!

Crispy Wings | Love a good chicken wing? Cook up your wings in a hurry again starting with pressure cooker feature. Then swap over to the air fryer to get that hot air circulating all around the wings and crisping them up as they came out of a deep fryer. Pair with your favorite dipping sauce and you have a dinner or appetizer fit for a king.

Scalloped Potatoes | Who doesn’t love a cheesy and creamy scalloped potato? Cook up your potatoes to tenderness then do a quick final air fryer to crisp up the top for a slightly crispy texture.

If you see from these samples, you will really get to utilize this device for sure in time. You can cook all types of food just like you would in your basic pressure cooker or how you would in your air fryer. Compare the two features and now you have even more endless possibilities.

Here are some of my favorite recipes for you to start trying


Best Ninja Foodi Recipes

how to use your ninja foodi

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  1. Hello I have a question. I am new to the foodie and intimidated. When your recipie says cook 2 minutes stirring until the onion starts to soften? My question is what cycle is the foodi on? Do you use the pressure cooker lid for this? Thanks for your help. Tammy Browne.

    1. you are using the saute feature to cook the onions. You do not need any lid for this function. I am happy to help anytime. 🙂

  2. HELP!!! I am looking for a chart to tell how much to increase the cook time – pressure cooking- when the meat is frozen. I rarely remember to take meat out ahead of time. Not only am I new to Pressure cooking, I am new to cooking!! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. I am so sorry I did not see this comment sooner. You do not have to add any additional time if you meat is frozen. You Ninja Foodi will take much longer to come to pressure when your meat is frozen, your meat will defrost and be ready to cook by the time it comes to pressure. 🙂

  3. Hi , I used my foodi for the first time yesterday . I did the pressure test and the valve release worked fine ,but when I used it to make wings I couldn’t get it to release ? To release the steam I had to push the metal button ? I’m sure that’s not how I’m suppose to do it . Is it possible it’s defective?
    Thank you for any help .

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