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Turkey Cheese Ball

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Are you ready to add a delightful and creative twist to your Thanksgiving or holiday spread? Look no further than this Turkey Cheese Ball, a whimsical and delicious treat that’s sure to be the talk of the table. This charming appetizer not only tastes amazing but also boasts a delightful turkey-shaped presentation that will leave your guests in awe.

A perfect appetizer for your Thanksgiving celebration. Take a regular cheese ball and with little effort turn it into this adorable turkey cheese ball.

turkey cheese ball

Turkey Cheese Ball

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year.  I LOVE all holidays. There is something so magical about the wonder of a holiday.  Even though my boys are getting much older I still love to put all the extra special touches on the holiday.  With any hope before I know it I will have grand babies running around on the holidays as well enjoying our adorable Turkey Cheese Ball.

Cheese Ball Appetizer

This Turkey Cheese Ball is so simple and easy to make it would be a Thanksgiving crime not to make it.  The ingredients are so simple and it is so easy to put together. Our holiday guests love it year after year.

Turkey Cheese Ball

Homemade Cheese Ball Vs Homemade

Either. You are welcome to take the time and make a homemade cheese ball or skip that and head to the store. 

turkey cheese ball

We love a sharp cheese or bacon style cheese ball in our home. The tang, creamy and savory flavors always win us over! So do whatever you prefer in terms of buying or making homemade. 

What Type of Crackers to Use for Turkey Shaped Cheese Ball

I used Ritz but you can use any round shaped cracker or even an oval like Town House could work. If you got creative even pretzels might work! 

How to Store Cheese Ball

When you are not serving the cheese ball you will want to store in the fridge. Aim to not leave your cheese ball out for more than 2 hours at a time.

turkey cheese ball

 If you do before you hit that 2 hour mark put back in the fridge for up to 30 minutes to raise the temperature. You don’t want it to sit out for too long or bacteria grows at a rapid pace. 

Other Holiday Recipes to Pair With Turkey Cheese Ball 

If you plan to have a big crowd make a few cheese balls to present your family. Write labels and put next to them so they know the flavor. 

Easy Appetizer

This is such an easy appetizer that I recommend trying. It takes minimal effort but offers a fun presentation for young and old to enjoy. 

Turkey Cheese Ball

How to Store Leftovers

The cheese ball needs to be stored in the refrigerator. You could put crackers in a sealable bag and store on the counter. Then store the ball in the fridge for up to 5-7 days. Make sure it is covered good and use your best judgement in terms of if it has gone bad or not. 

Turkey Cheese Ball

Turkey Cheese Ball


  • • Cheese Ball
  • • Candy Eyes
  • • Pretzel Sticks
  • • Candy Corn
  • ​• Crackers


    1. Take your Cheese Ball and flip to the bottom. Take a spoon a scoop out a tiny scoop of cheese. You will be using this scoop of cheese later as “glue”.
    2. Now take those pretzel sticks and poke one in the front of your cheese ball to create a turkey neck and then poke several pretzel sticks in the back to make Turkey feathers.
    3. Using that scoop of cheese as a “glue”, “glue” your candy corn onto the turkey neck pretzel stick. Then “glue” on the eyes. Turkey Cheese Ball
    4. Place your Turkey Cheese Ball onto a serving dish and lay out your crackers. Turkey Cheese Ball
    5. Serve & Enjoy!

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