7-UP Instant Pot Cake

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7up-cake-ou are going to love how moist and delicious this 7-UP Instant Pot Cake turns out.  Not to mention how simple and quick it is to make in your instant pot.  YES! You read that correctly.  This delicious cake can be made in your instant pot.  

There is something so iconic to me when baking a bundt cake.  My first bundt cake ever made was a traditionally baked 7-UP bundt cake. Next time I think I should wear a cute apron while preparing this delicious cake.  

I love how quick and easy it is to prepare this cake. I am able to prepare whenever my in-laws stop in unexpected for a nice treat of coffee and cake. 

Follow this link right on over to my blogger bestie and Instant pot extraordinaire, Adventures of a Nurse.  Check out all of her instant pot recipes while you are there.  

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carla 7 up



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  1. People who come to my house without the simple courtesy of a phone call get whatever is on hand. NOT a freshly baked treat!

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