You Blow Me Away Valentine Printable

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Step into a world of bubbly affection with our “You Blow Me Away” Valentine Printable, a charming addition to a classic childhood delight – bubbles! Imagine the joy on the faces of your loved ones as they receive a bottle of bubbles adorned with this adorable DIY valentines card, creating a playful and heartwarming Valentine’s Day surprise. Join us as we add a touch of whimsy to your celebrations with this delightful printable. Whether you’re surprising a sweetheart, a friend, or family members, these bubbles, accompanied by our endearing printable, are sure to evoke smiles and spread love in a light and joyful way. Get ready to share the joy of bubbles and make hearts soar with this sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

You Blow Me Away Valentine Printable

To create this delightful Valentine’s Day gesture, simply download our “You Blow Me Away” Valentine Printable, cut it out with care, and then attach it to a bottle of bubbles using tape or ribbon. The effervescent fun of bubbles paired with the heartfelt message makes this a whimsical and charming gift that transcends age. Whether you’re gifting it to a significant other, a friend who appreciates lighthearted surprises, or even to children in the classroom, this simple yet enchanting idea adds a playful touch to the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Embrace the joy of spreading love and laughter with this bubbly and thoughtful token that is sure to leave hearts floating on cloud nine.

Grab some bubbles and yarn and create a super easy and fun valentine for your child or their classmates today! 

You Blow Me Away Valentine Printable

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and it was not that long ago that I remember the struggles of finding Valentine’s that my kids liked and were acceptable to be given out at school.  


Long gone are the days when you could give out candy.  I feel like I am going to get sent to the principles office every time I would send in a piece of candy or a cupcake to school.  With those struggles in mind, I created this adorable You Blow Me Away Valentine Printable.


What Are Printables

If you are new to free or paid Printables you might be wondering what exactly is printable. Printables are a piece of artwork that is created. 


Then loaded into a page with a special link that allows you to print the design. This one is for valentine’s for kids and is a free printable. 


Some blogs charge for you to buy the printable before you can download and print the page you are wanting. 

School Approved Valentine For Classmates


In order to keep these completely school compliant, I attached them to a bottle of bubbles. I found mine at my local dollar store, keeping the cost of this Valentine fairly reasonable.


You can also attach to bubble wands which are pretty affordable too. Get creative and use what you have to save money but still have a fun gift. 


How to Use Printable

Download the printable and then go ahead and print it off. You will want a colored printer so you get it printed properly. 


Then with scissors cut out each valentine. Then do a hole punch up at top of the printable to be able to string ribbon through to attach to a bottle of bubbles. 


You can get creative and use ribbon or yarn or whatever you want to tie the printable to the bubbles container. 


Searching for More Valentine’s Day Ideas


So don’t wait and print these out today. Kids will love the cute saying and bottle of bubbles to use as they play outdoors! 

You Blow Me Away Valentine Printable

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