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Halloween S’mores

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Halloween S’mores

This has to be the cutest Halloween treat!  Everyone loves S’mores and these little marshmallow ghosts give it just the right Halloween touch. Halloween S’mores will win over kids and adults this season! 

Halloween S'mores


Whether you are hosting a Halloween bash, looking for a school party treat, play date, or weeknight dessert these are perfect! 


Halloween S’mores 

Kids can assemble their ghostly s’mores and eat them as is, or you can warm them up for a warm treat! 


How to Cook S’mores without Open Fire

If you have an air fryer you can make them in there, or opt to warm them up in the oven. Just assemble the s’mores and wrap in aluminum foil and toss in the oven. This will give you a melted treat.


Or if you want that darkened marshmallow then assemble s’mores but leave off top graham cracker. Then place on baking sheet and turn oven to 350 and watch closely as it browns up your marshmallow. Pull out when reaches the desired color and top with graham and enjoy. Just note it will be super hot. 


How To Make Halloween S’mores 

I used the Ghostbuster Marshmallows for this but you can also use the Halloween Spooky Ghost Peeps.  Since mine did not have their eyes and mouth predrawn, I used a food writer to create them.   


Assemble your s’mores and then place in a bag and tie a ribbon on top. Add a little note or label if you would like! 

Halloween S'mores

What is the Best Chocolate for S’mores 

Hershey’s milk chocolate of course! Feel free to play around and swap it if you would like. You could even use a Reese’s peanut butter cup for a twist in the classic s’mores chocolate! 


Why Is It Called S’mores 

No one truly knows. The first find of a s’mores was actually called some more in a recipe. The apostrophe is the joining of the two words! 


Is S’mores an American Thing

Canada and America both enjoy the popular s’mores dessert. Other countries are not familiar or find it is not something they have grown up eating. Places like the UK don’t even have traditional graham crackers. 


Looking for more s’mores recipes

  • S’mores Bark  | A cute and tasty treat that kids will smile ear to ear for! A super easy after school treat. 
  • Air Fryer S’mores | Skip a campfire and make s’mores at home anytime of the year! So easy and such a sweet and tasty dessert! 

Halloween S'mores

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