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Instant Pot Jam, 3 Ways

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Instant Pot Jam, 3 Ways

Did you know that you can make delicious jam in your instant pot?  Making jam in your instant pot is a breeze compared to the old fashioned way.  Here is Instant Pot Jam, 3 Ways. Life could be sweeter in life than being able to make homemade delicious jam in our instant pot whenever you like.  Breakfast in bed will never be the same again.  Better yet breakfast in bed may start happening multiple times a week. 

This video includes 3 of my most popular jam recipes. I am adding new jam recipes to the blog at a fairly quick rate, so be sure to search the word “jam” to see what other flavors there are.  You do not want to miss Instant Pot Strawberry Jam or the most delicious Instant Pot Mixed Berry Compote. I would love to hear which one is your favorite, make sure you come back and comment below.  

You can find the recipes for the jam flavors featured in this video by clicking on their name in this list below.

Instant Pot Blueberry Jam

Instant Pot Jam, 3 Ways


Instant Pot Cherry Jam

Instant Pot Jam, 3 Ways


Instant Pot Raspberry Peach Jam


Instant Pot Jam, 3 Ways

If you plan on keeping your jam for a while, you will want to practice safe canning methods.  Since I am not a experienced canner, I do recommend that you read up on Home Canning: Keep Your Family Safe!


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Pamela D. Starkey

Saturday 27th of October 2018

Can you make any of your compotes or jams with frozen fruits or berries?

Beverly Eide

Saturday 15th of September 2018

blueberry jam Turn on saute and let the water boil off.

What water?????


Monday 27th of August 2018

Where do you buy the instapot?


Thursday 30th of August 2018

Walmart & Kohls have been known to have great sales on them. Costco now carries them. Amazon also has a ton to pick from. Follow this link ( and once on Amazon you can use the additional suggestions that they provide.