How To Freeze Milk

With the price of food on the rise, many families are looking for ways to save money on everyday staples. As prices rise good sales on items like milk and butter are becoming few and far between. Milk has a relatively short shelf life and is hard to stock up on taking advantage of the deals you do find. One way to solve this issue is to freeze milk when you find a great price. Let me give you some great tips on how to freeze milk so you can do the same.

How To Freeze Milk

To freeze milk you want to look for milk with at least 3 days remaining on the sell-by date. This means you can take advantage of store clearances fairly easily while giving yourself time to use the milk after it has been thawed. When freezing milk, write the number of days between the day you freeze it and the sell by date. This will tell you how many days you have to use the milk after you thaw it. 

how to freeze milk
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If you have a lot of freezer space you can place gallons of milk directly into the freezer and will have time to use the entire container before it goes bad after thawing freezing in the original container is your best bet. The milk jugs have round indents that push out allowing the milk to expand when frozen. 

how to freeze milk

If the container is too large for your family to use up before the milk goes bad you will want to repackage it for freezer storage. Upcycled bottles are a great option for this. Water bottles that never touched anyone’s mouths make amazing containers for storing milk in the freezer due to their flexible nature they can expand without breaking.

how to freeze milk

Another great way to store milk in the freezer is in single-serving sizes. This can be done using breastmilk storage bags. These bags are designed to keep milk fresh, lay flat in the freezer, and last through thawing and storage. These single-serving milk packs are perfect for tossing in lunch boxes while fully frozen giving your child ice-cold milk by lunchtime while keeping their lunch cold. 

how to freeze milk
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Can You Freeze Almond Milk

Yes, you can freeze almond milk using the same advice as above. The only problem is when thawed almond milk separates and does not taste good when drank. But you can use it for baking or cooking.

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk

Freezing coconut milk is a perfect option since it spoils so quickly when opened. Whatever you do not use, pour into ice cube trays to freeze. Once frozen pop the coconut cubes out of the ice cube tray and store them in a freezer-safe Ziploc bag. Throw those frozen cubes right into your homemade smoothies.

How To Freeze Breast Milk

You want to store breast milk in smaller portions, 2 – 4 ounces, or the amount that your baby is eating at one feeding. Leave about 1-inch space at the top of the breast milk storage bag since the milk will expand when it freezes.

How To Thaw Breast Milk From Freezer

Thaw the oldest milk first. You can place it directly in the refrigerator the night before you plan on using it. You can also speed up the process a bit by placing the bag in warm water before using it.

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How To Thaw Frozen Milk

Leave the frozen milk on the counter or in the refrigerator for thawing. Smaller containers can be thawed under warm water. Once you have thawed your frozen milk, shake it well to mix the fat back into the rest of the milk to return the original flavor. Resist the urge to use a half thawed gallon of milk to avoid having watery milk. 

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