Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun day where you go door to door trick or treating for candy, and of course the fun costumes. But, with dark nights and running around there come times where you run the risk of an accident. These Halloween Safety Tips will help keep you and your little ones safe.  

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  Once you have kids you quickly learn just how scary Halloween can be.  The best thing we can do as parents is to be aware of the dangers. It is also very important to talk to our children about the things they need to do to stay safe and the things not to do. 

Halloween Safety Tips

This Halloween Safety Tips list is a pretty good comprehensive list to help keep your little ones safe.  

Now that we have covered the safety aspect of Halloween lets get back to having some fun.  Of course with Halloween being one of my favorite holidays, I have tons of holiday tricks and treats on the blog.  Enjoy searching around for other holiday gems.  

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Please print these Halloween Safety Tips and put it on your fridge.  Use it to start having conversations with your children about what steps they need to take to be extra safe.  

Is Halloween Safe For Kids 

Halloween can be safe for kids. You just have to take the time to really talk with your children about the rules for when they are out trick or treating. 

You also want to be aware of the age of your child. Make sure that if they are younger than they are accompanied by an adult. Driving in the car next to your younger child is not a good idea. Get out and walk with them.  

At What Age Should You Stop Trick or Treating 

Some feel there is an age limit on trick or treating. Many say the age of 12 up to 16 is a good timeframe to stop trick or treating. But even if your child is older it doesn’t mean they can’t go trick or treating. 

The key is to ensure no matter what the age of the child is to be kind, offer manners, and be respectful. 

Why Is Candy Given on Halloween 

In the 1950s is when people started handing on candy on Halloween. But some households didn’t hand out candy, it wasn’t until the 1970s to when it was well-known that candy is what they hand out for Halloween.  

What Time Do Most Kids Trick or Treat

Generally when it begins to get dark is when kids begin to go out. But the time frame is around 5:30 up to 9:30 on trick or treating. One thing that most follows, is if the porch light is on they are welcoming kids to hand out candy. If the porch light is off, they might not be participating in Halloween. 

How To Print The Safety Rules For Halloween

Just follow the rules and teach your child about being safe on Halloween. Then you can feel a lot safer as you venture out to trick or treat. Click the pictures to print out all the safety tips for Halloween. 



Halloween Safety Tips

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