Halloween Juice Box Printables

Halloween Juice Box Printables are a really fun way to give your child’s drink a fun Halloween spin. Print out these free Halloween designs and cut and tape them onto your juice boxes. A great way to serve Halloween drinks for kids. 

These Halloween Juice Box Printables are just the cutest little Halloween treat.  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays for so many magical reasons. I love to see the magic of the holiday through the eyes of a child. 

When you can view it that way, you can really simplify things greatly.  These sweet printable’s are such a simple project and yet they will be the highlight of your child’s day.  

Halloween Juice Box Printables

These are such a fun craft to do with your children.  I love the idea of using these as treats for my trick or treaters this year.  I am always thrilled when my kids get something like a juice box in with their treats since there is such an abundance of candy.  

Halloween Party Drink Ideas for Kids

These will also be perfect for your classroom Halloween party.  Better yet send these in to school for treats for the whole class.  So many adorable ways to hand out these adorable treats.  

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What Prints Are Available In This Printable

  • Jack O Lantern 
  • Ghost
  • Frankenstein
  • Vampire

You will find each is different bold colors, to really help make them extra fun for little ones! 

What Type Of Paper To Use For This Halloween Printable 

You are welcome to use regular printer paper for this printable. You will cut and then wrap around your juice box, and tape it on to ensure it is secure. Now if you have a thinner construction paper you could go that way too. You just want a flexible paper. 

How Many Juice Boxes Can I Make 

You can make as many juice boxes as you would like. Print out as many as you need, and then work at cutting and taping each of them. This is the beauty of this free printable. Print out as many or as few as you need for what you are wanting to serve up. 

Can I Use These Printables For Other Things 

Sure you are welcome to print and use these for other things you have in mind. You could even find a candy bar that is the right size and work at wrapping that. It would be just ensuring the size fits what you plan to do. But feel free to get creative and see if you can use any other thing.

Give these free printables a try. Whether a treat for your child for an after-school snack or for your play dates, school parties, daycare parties, and any other occasion! 

Halloween Juice Box Printables

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Juice boxes (I used Juicy Juice)

Halloween printables (print below)



Halloween Juice Box Printables


Print and cut the Halloween character printables.

Lining up the character on the front of the juice box, wrap the paper around the juice box.

Halloween Juice Box Printables

Tape the loose end of the paper.

Halloween Juice Box Printables


*Tip: Juice boxes come in different sizes, so you may have to trim the characters a little bit to fit smaller, shorter juice boxes.

Click on the image to print.

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