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Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers

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Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers are the perfect way to brighten up breakfast time! These colorful and delicious mini pancakes are the perfect kid-friendly option, and they can be prepared in minutes. So skip the boring, store-bought breakfast and surprise your little ones with a plate of Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers! These pancakes are not only fun, but they are full of natural goodness with no artificial ingredients. Start your morning off right with a plate of Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers!

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Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers

Whip up these pancake bites for a fun morning breakfast. Or these would be so fun for a birthday breakfast celebration, or or meal prep for quick grab and go breakfasts in the morning. 

fruity pebbles pancake poppers

How to Make

Step 1: Start by mixing up your pancake batter as directed in the printable card below. Stir in the Fruity Pebbles. 

Step 2: Pour the batter into your greased mini muffin tin and bake as directed. 

Once your muffins are done, allow to cool a bit then serve! Or even whip up a powdered sugar glaze to drizzle on top. 

Does this Mini Muffin Recipe Double

If you have a larger family or crowd you want to make up these mini muffins for, go ahead and double the recipe. 

Just batch cook the mini muffins. Then place them on cooling rack and use same pan to bake another batch. 

Can You Freeze Mini Fruity Pebble Bites

This is a great recipe to make for meal prepping for easy grab and go breakfasts or as a snack. Just allow the muffin bites to fully cool. 

Then transfer to a freezer bag or container. The mini pebble bites will freeze for up to 3 months. 

I have done this a lot where I freeze a bunch and the boys grab a few and then nibble on them for snacks or breakfast. 

Just make sure if you freeze in a container you put wax paper in between the layers to prevent sticking. 

Can I Change Cereal in Recipe

If you want to change up the recipe a bit go right ahead. You can add in different cereals to add a change of flavor. ,

Plain Rice Krispies, cocoa pebbles or any other smaller cereal could be substituted. 

I would even chop up fruit loops and toss in. There is something about fruity we just love in our home. 

Can You Make in Instant Pot

Grab your egg bite silicone mold and use that too make mini muffin bites. Mix up the batter as directed, pour ¾ the way, cover tightly. Then add water to IP and place molds in and cook 12-13 minutes with a quick release. 

You just want muffins fully cooked. If not done return to the pressure cooker and cook a minute or two longer. 

Easy Breakfast Recipe

These mini muffins are such an easy breakfast recipe. Make this mini fruity pebbles  muffins again and again! Quick, easy, affordable and kid friendly.

fruity pebbles pancake poppers

For another fun, delicious and bite sized treat, try these birthday cake bites, you will love them.

fruity pebbles pancake poppers

Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers

Fruity Pebbles Pancake Poppers are a fun and colorful mini pancake. A kid friendly breakfast that can be tossed together in minutes!



    1. Preheat Oven to 400 degrees
    2. In a mixing bowl combine the pancake mix, water, egg white, and fruity pebbles.
    3. Pour the batter into mini muffin tins and bake for 8 to 10
    4. Serve with sugar free maple syrup.


WW – 1 point per popper, makes 24

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