Sometimes a girl just needs her mother #RickiandTheFlash

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Sometimes a girl just needs her mother.  One of my many favorite lines in the movie Ricki and The Flash.  The sentiment holds dear to my heart as well.  One story I have yet to share with you all is the story of my mother.  My mother passed away 12 years ago from Lung cancer.  We had the most incredible relationship.  Ricki and The Flash reminded me so much of the journey my mother and my relationship took throughout my life.  Our journey, just like Ricki (Meryl Streep) and her daughter, Julie (Mamie Gummer) was a bit bumpy at times.  Bumpy as it may have been, as I got older my mother became my very best friend in the whole world. 

Sometimes a girl just needs her mother.  Ricki may not have been there for her daughter Julie throughout her childhood but when Julie’s life took a drastic turn as an adult, Ricki was there for her.  Despite Julie’s attempts to push her mother Ricki away, Ricki was able to break through and tear down some of the walls that had been built by Julie, as safety nets, years before.  Ricki left her husband ( Kevin Kline) and her children to become a star (her biggest dream), only to find herself playing dive bars years and years later.  Despite her sometimes drastic absence from her children’s lives while they were growing up she did not hesitate once to pack up and return to Indianapolis to be at her daughter’s side in Julie’s time of need.

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“You think because you screwed up once you don’t get a second chance?” Greg (Rick Springfield) asks Ricki.  Ricki did in fact screw up lots but her love proved to be deep for her children.  Her choices in life definitely were questionable but not her love.  “It’s not their job to love you, it’s your job to love them” Greg tells Ricki. With persistence and love, she was able to get that second chance from Julie.  We watch their relationship and bond grow while realizing just how similar the two really are. 

As real life mother and daughter (Mamie Gummer is Meryl Streep’s daughter) I am sure the many scenes where Julie is extremely angry at her mother Ricki, had to have been super hard to act out.  The beauty of that dynamic is the wonderful bond and admiration they have for each other really shines through in this touching tale of a mother and her daughter.



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  1. I can’t wait to watch this movie. It sounds like a great one showing casing a bond between a mother and daughter!

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