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Maybe you all have noticed, my page has taken on a new look and has been featuring tons of delicious recipes. I love to cook! I also love to eat! I love watching cooking shows. I am pretty sure my love of cooking has grown while watching countless hours of cooking shows.  My husband and I share a love of food (yup we have both the extra pounds to prove it, well maybe I have a few more than him).  I often dream while watching shows like Chopped (which you can find Chef Marcus Samuelsson often featured as a judge), of being treated to a meal cooked by a fine chef.   I really dream of this happening!  @marcuscooks @CdnLentils made my dreams come true!

Blogher 2015 was coming to NYC in July and I could not be more excited to attend.  Little did I realize the amazing opportunities that were about to come my way.  I nearly fell out of my seat when I received an email inviting me to a dinner curated by Chef Marcus Samuelsson.  I would be treated to special private dinner at Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Harlem & Ginny’s Supper Club.  Canadian Lentils and Chef Samuelsson were inviting me to enjoy a custom menu served and curated to showcase the versatile lentil.  Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dinner was to take place at Chef Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Harlem restaurant which celebrates the roots of American cuisine with a lively neighborhood atmosphere and an eclectic mix of live music.  We would be treated to a private dinner downstairs at Ginny’s Supper Club which is a modern reincarnation of the glamorous speakeasies and Harlem nights of the Twenties – an intimate lounge with a warm bourbon glow and an even warmer welcome.

lentils red rooster

We arrive at the Red Rooster and made our way downstairs to Ginny’s Supper Club.  The vibe and atmosphere were exactly as promised.  I felt instantly trendy and cool just walking into Ginny’s Supper Club.  We were treated to drinks made by an extremely dapper bartender.

lentils bartender

The food, atmosphere, drinks and good company were more than I could have ever wished.  We were treated to a warm welcome by Chef Samuelsson who greeted us each individually.  He spent some time speaking to us about his journey in life which was more than interesting.  He has such a sincere sweetness about him and truly impressed me.  He spoke about reaching for your dreams and making them happen.  A sentiment that is close to my heart.  Especially since I was living out one of my dreams!

Now for the menu.  Can I say OMG!!!!!

lentils menu

The food was absolutely incredible!!! Rooster wings and oysters fried in lentil flour! DELISH!!

lentils app

Duo of lentil-dusted catfish and braised short ribs! The lentils that you see sitting underneath the catfish were to die for! Sweet and delicious!  If you have not experimented with lentils yet, you really need too.  I plan on attempting to duplicate these lentils, my kids will go crazy for them.

lentils dinner

We finished off our dinner with some super sweet decadent treats. The meal was complete perfection.  The lentils were delicious! I need to incorporate lentils into my menu’s way more often.  Check out some of these recipes.

I want to send a huge thank you to SheKnows, Blogher, Canadian Lentils, Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Ginny’s Supper Club for making one of my dreams come true.

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