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Sony Pictures Entertainment made my dreams come true again!  I was given yet another incredible opportunity to review and attend a press junket, for the movie Ricki and the Flash.  I was still on cloud nine from my Pixels review and press junket.  Now I was being invited to attend a press junket with Meryl Streep (OMG!!!), Rick Springfield (OMG, my teen heart!!) and Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streeps’s real life daughter, OMG!!).

Make sure you keep an eye out for my review post which will come later in the week.  Hint, hint… I LOVED IT!!

The press junket was taking place in NYC at the Ritz Carlton which is right across the street from Central Park.  It was a beautiful day and I could not be more excited.  Meryl Streep is a 3 time Academy Award winner and I was about to be interviewing her! Rick Springfield is Rick Springfield!!! He is, every girl from the eighties heartthrob! 

As we waited for the stars to come in for the interview, I hear a male voice entering the room.  Curious who this could be, I turn around to see Rick Springfield coming into the room 10 minutes early.  He was coming in to spend some one on one time with us.  HOW AMAZING!! He was one of the most genuine, gracious, and attentive people EVER! He made each one of us feel so special, especially when he offered to take individual pictures with each of us!

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He sat down on the little interview stage, grabbed one of the guitars and started to play a little for us.  He also spoke to us and shared with us some super interesting facts, like the amazingly serendipitous fact that Jesse’s girl made #1, 34 years ago that day.  We were all dazzled to say the least. 

Here is a video clip of some of our time with Rick.

This was just our warm up for the rest to come!  Meryl Streep is a 3 time Academy Award winner.  She also lends her efforts to Women for Women International, Equality Now, Women in the World Foundation, and Partners in Health.  Lets hope I don’t make a complete star struck fool of myself.  The interview begins.

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One of the many things I think every person will take away from the movie is the incredible music.  I can not wait to get my hands on the movie soundtrack. 

Question: Did you have any sort of say in the songs that you performed in the movie?

Meryl answers:  Yes a little bit of say in what we played.  We were supposed to be a cover band.  They play a set of songs.  So we looked at what I could play that would not be too crazy hard and what we loved.  I remember hearing Wooly Bully on the way back from my nephews graduation and thinking…”I could play that, maybe”. 

We all laugh 😃

Rick answers:  There were difficult songs.  Edgar Winter songs have a lot of riffing in it.
Meryl adds in that Rick had a lot to do with it sounding so great, as well as, the fellas in The Flash.


Question: Would you (Rick) consider doing a duet with Meryl?

Rick answers with no hesitation at all:  Yes, I would!


Question: The music in the movie was all performed live.  What did you all think of that and the energy it brought to the set?

Meryl answers: FUN, is a little bitty 3 letter word to describe it because it was more fun than anything I have done.  Also a privilege to step into something that people do really really well and pretend that you can do it.  We started in a set down in Brooklyn, on a dock, that looked like a bar.  One of the extras said “Man, I wish this was a real club because I would come here every night!”

Rick answers: Yea it was really great and we would jam in between takes. 


For more interview questions and answers please search the hashtags #RickiandTheFlash #RickiJunket.


Ricki and The Flash Story:

Meryl Streep takes on a whole new gig – a hard-rocking singer/guitarist for Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme and Academy Award winng screenwriter Diablo Cody in Ricki and the Flash. In an original film loaded with live musical performances, Streep stars as Ricki Rendazo, a guitar heroine who made a world of mistakes as she followed her dreams of rock ‘n’ roll stardom.  Returning home, Ricki gets a shot at redemption and a chance to make things right as she faces the music with her family.  Streep stars opposite her real-life daughter Mamie Gummer; Rck Springfield, portraying a Flash member in love with Ricki; Kevin Kline as Ricki’s ex-husband; and Audra McDonald as Kline’s new wife.

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