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Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

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A Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is a fun and gorgeous way to serve and showcase hot cocoa at your next party! Easy to personalize and create an impressive homemade hot chocolate board that everyone will love.

I love making and serving a beautiful and fun charcuterie board at all my family holiday parties. I’ve made my Pancake Charcuterie Board, perfect for brunches, and a Summer Charcuterie Board for outdoor cookouts. I wanted to take a break from meat and cheese boards, so I made this amazing Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board. Everyone can serve themselves and make any flavor of hot chocolate their heart desires!

Pair this dessert board with my Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate for the ultimate party board this holiday season!

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

What do I need to get started?

The best part about this is that it’s totally customizable! Anything that you love on hot chocolate is perfect for this Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board. This is what I used:

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board
Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

How to make a Hot Cocoa Board

The only necessary ingredient for this board is the hot cocoa mix. You can use store-bought or make it yourself.

Place the hot cocoa mix in a nice jar and place it somewhere in the center of your board. Next, place your chocolate and caramel sauces in their own jars and place those on the board too, to form a kind of triangle.

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Now you fill in the empty space. I find it’s best to keep long items together – so if you have cinnamon sticks, place them next to the pirouettes. Try to break up the colors so the board looks nice and vivid – so don’t place peppermint patties next to malted milk balls. Break it up with candy canes or marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

How to serve

You can either make the hot chocolate ahead of time and allow people to pick their own toppings, or serve this with some hot milk and everyone can make their own!

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What snacks go best with hot chocolate?

Whatever you like! When I built this board, I tried to think of hot chocolate recipes people might want to make. Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow for s’mores. Caramel and pretzel for a Turtle Hot Chocolate. Candy canes and peppermint patties for a Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

What board can I use for a charcuterie board?

The simple answer is, whatever you have! I used a large cutting board. You can use a platter or even a baking sheet.

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Tips and Tricks

* Keep different flavors in mind when selecting items to go on your board. If you would like a Peppermint Mocha, get some espresso powder and peppermint candies.
* Customize the board to the people you’re serving. If you have a family member who loves cinnamon, throw on some cinnamon sticks.
* Keep similar colors apart on the board, so it doesn’t all blend together.
* Have fun! This board is fun and gorgeous and made for a good time.

hot chocolate Charcuterie Board

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