Elf Candy Gift Jar

If you’re looking to add a touch of holiday magic to your home decor or create a delightful DIY gift, crafting Elf Candy Gift Jar out of mason jars is the perfect project for you. These whimsical and festive containers make for charming decorations, party favors, or thoughtful presents during the holiday season. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of transforming plain mason jars into enchanting Elf Candy Jars, complete with elf-themed decorations and filled with your favorite candies. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, this project is sure to bring joy and a dash of elfin charm to your festivities. Let’s get started and spread some holiday cheer!

Elf Candy Gift Jar

This Elf Candy Gift Jar is the cutest thing I have ever seen. This holiday season I have been working on a lot of holiday gifting ideas that are cute, inexpensive, and thoughtful.   

elf candy jar gift

Elf Candy Gift Jar

The magic of the holidays can be best when seen through the eyes of a child. These Elf Candy Gift Jars are the perfect teacher gifts, babysitter gifts, holiday party gifts, Grandparent gifts, etc.  

These are the perfect gift for anyone on your list that you would like to share some sweet holiday cheer with.

elf candy jar gift

Have your kids help create these adorable jars.  Have them help with cutting out the tags (see below to print) which I recommend printing on a nice cardstock.

What Candy To Put In Jar

Get creative and put any wrapped Candy you would like in the jar. I find that red, green and bright colored wrapper adds a lot to the fun look of this candy jar. 

Or if you are a baker make some homemade desserts to stack in the jar. Cookies or even Christmas truffles would be a tasty treat. You can be creative and put anything in your jar to give people. 

What Is The Best Paper to Use for The Elf Candy Jar 

I found construction paper or scrapbook paper to work best. You want your paper to be sturdy but also able to wrap around the jar easily. 

If you get too stiff of paper you will find it won’t wrap as nicely and can be a pain. So simple thinner paper works best. 

Can I Make These Elf Candy Jars Ahead of Time

Absolutely! If you are using candy that is wrapped you can make these ahead of time. The candy will stay good inside the jar and all you have to do is hand them out when you are ready. 

elf candy jar gift

I went ahead and made one for each of my child’s teachers the one year and then the day before Christmas break I sent them with each of my boys. 

It was truly a 5 minute craft I did to give them something fun. 

What Can I Put Inside These Elf Jars

Honestly anything you want! I will share some ideas of other things you can consider tossing in your jar. 

Truly you can be as creative as you want. If the item fits then stuff it in!

elf candy jar gift pin

A last minute Christmas idea that fits within the budget and is so simple to make. Don’t wait and grab the supplies and make this fun Christmas Elf Jar project today! 

Have your kids help create these adorable jars.  Have them help with cutting out the tags (see below to print) which I recommend printing on a nice card stock.

Elf Candy Jar Gift

Elf Candy Jar Gift

Elf Candy Jar Gift


  • Wide-mouth quart size clear jar
  • Red and green craft foam
  • Buttons or holiday themed gems
  • Red and green colored candies
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Printable gift tag


    1. Draw the shape of an Elf’s collar on red craft foam. This will be a series of triangles of different heights. You can see the photo for reference.
    2. Cut out the collar from the red craft foam.
    3. Hold the red collar shape that you just cut out over a piece of green craft foam. Draw triangles on the green craft foam where there are gaps from the triangles on the red craft foam. Again, you can view the photo for reference.
    4. Remove the red craft foam collar, and trace the triangles down to the bottom of the sheet of green craft foam.
    5. Cut out the collar shape that you have drawn on the green craft foam.
    6. Layer the two different colors of collars on top of each other, and secure with hot glue.
    7. Wrap the layered collar shape around the top of the wide mouth jar so that is lays flat. It is important to use a wide mouth jar, as a regular one will not allow the collar to lay correctly.
    8. Secure the collar to the jar with glue.
    9. Fill the jar with red and green candies, and place the lid on securely.
    10. Glue three buttons or holiday themed gems to the front of the jar down the center. Elf Candy Jar Gift
    11. Cut out an elf hat shape from the green craft foam. cut the elf hat
    12. Glue a craft gem, button or pom pom to the end of the tip of the hat. 
    13. Using hot glue, secure the elf hat to the lid of the jar so that it faces the front. glue elf hat on top
    14. Cut out the printable gift tag. 
    15. Punch a hole in the top of the tag, thread a piece of ribbon or string through it, and tie it around the top of the jar. Attach the tag

Click HERE to Print your Tags

Elf Candy Jar Gift

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