Cauliflower Ice Cream


I may have just dreamed this because it almost seems to good to be true.  This delicious cauliflower ice cream is a dairy free and low carb ice cream!! My girlfriend Irina from The Big Apple Momma has done it yet again.  This recipe is absolutely delicious and a healthy option that you can eat guilt free.  

GET the RECIPE HERE and check out Irina’s other delicious healthy low carb recipes. 

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  1. Its looking mouth watery and perfect dessert to be prepared during summer season. Never imagined that cauliflower can be used in ice cream. Really love your innovation. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Okay that sounds insane but I’m a new fan of Cauliflower as a carb substitute. Cauliflower rice is really good! Cauliflower pizza crust is hit or miss. But this looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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