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Apple Cake

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Apple Cake is an easy apple treat that is loved by all. It combines shredded apple pieces in a delicious cake batter that is moist and tender and full of flavor. It is the perfect treat to enjoy for breakfast or dessert! 

Apple Cake

Ever since I was little apple cake was a staple in our family. I remember my mom always making it for dessert, but my Grandma said that it was the perfect treat to enjoy for breakfast! I tend to agree with Grandma on this one! It is moist and delicious and has so much apple flavor in every single bite. 

This is the perfect treat to start the day off with as well as the perfect way to end the day. No matter when you enjoy this, you are guaranteed to love every single bite. 

apple cake

This is one of my favorite apple recipes on the blog! It is right up there with my apple cinnamon muffins, my apple pie bread, and our apple butter

apple cake

How to Make Apple Cake

  • Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease and flour a 13 x 9-inch pan or two 8-inch or 9-inch round pans. 
  • In a large bowl, beat sugar, oil, and eggs on low speed until blended.
  • Add flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and vanilla. Beat on low speed for one minute.
  • Stir in apples.
  • Pour into pan(s). Bake 13 x 9-inch pan for 40-45 minutes or round pans 30-35 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.
  • Cool rectangle pan on wire rack. Cool round pans for at least 10 minutes, then remove from pans and place on wire rack to finish cooling.
  • Frost or dust with powdered sugar if desired.
Apple Cake
  • Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.
Apple Cake

Tips Tricks and FAQs

  • Cake will be slightly darker-side, this does not mean it is overcooked. 
  • To save a step, you can use cooking spray with flour. 
  • You can shred the apples with a cheese grater or use a knife and chop finely.


You will want to cover your cake and keep it in the fridge. This will stay fresh for up to 4 days. 

Apple Cake

Can you freeze apple cake?

Yes, you can freeze apple cake. You will want to wrap the entire pan in plastic and then in foil and place it in the freezer for up to 3 months. 

You can also wrap individual pieces in plastic wrap and then store them all in a freezer-safe bag. 

When you are ready to enjoy, thaw in the fridge.  

Apple Cake

What kind of apples should you use for apple cake? 

Anything type of apple will work for this recipe. Although if you’re chopping the apples, it might be better to use a firmer apple like a Granny Smith.

What other ingredients can I add to apple cake? 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding in other flavors. Try adding:

  • 1 cup of chopped walnuts or pecans, 
  • raisins, 
  • ¾ cup shredded coconut, 
  • 1 tsp orange extract, 
  • or some crushed pineapple for a different flavor.
Apple Cake

Can I use this recipe to make apple cupcakes or an apple bundt cake?

Yes! This recipe will work great for both cupcakes and a bundt pancake. 

Bake in a bundt pan and drizzle with caramel or vanilla glaze. 

You can also make them into cupcakes and bake them for 18-22 minutes!

Apple Cake pin

What is another variation I can make using this recipe? 

Substitute apples with carrots and add a ⅛-¼ teaspoon of nutmeg, ginger, or/and cloves. If making carrot cake, don’t use store-bought shredded carrots. They need to be shredded finely, by hand.

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