10 Reasons Why I Love My Instant Pot 

10 Reasons Why I Love My Instant Pot 

10 Reasons Why I Love My Instant Pot 

Let me take a moment to share why I love my Instant Pot, and if you are debating, why you might want to purchase one. These also make wonderful gifts for loved ones, just remember that for holidays, birthdays, and more. 

Quick Cooking 

This is one that you have heard so many times I am sure, but the truth is in the pudding. The Instant Pot can cut down cooking time from your classic dishes by up to 70%! Great for making quick weeknight meals when you are on the go and don’t want to cook for hours. 

Less Energy 

The Instant Pot compared to other appliances uses less energy when it is cooking. If you are a person who wants to reduce the energy used, this could be a great option. 


The Instant Pot is one of the most versatile appliances. You can make homemade yogurt, cook rice, steam, saute, use as a slow cooker, and more. You can really cook so many delicious meals all in one pot! 

10 Reasons Why I Love My Instant Pot 

Doesn’t Heat The House 

One thing I struggle with especially in summer and spring is I don’t like heating my house when I cook. We pay so much money to run our air conditioner and turning on the oven can mean the air conditioner working harder to cool our house. You get that perfect roast without heating up your entire kitchen like an oven recipe would do. 

No Watching Water Boil 

Hate waiting for the water to boil for cooking pasta and other recipes? Well with your electric pressure cooker you can toss in your liquid and pasta, select settings and let it cook. Open it up for al dente pasta ready to serve. So much easier. 

Eat Out Less 

Since we got our Instant Pot we eat out a lot less. Cooking isn’t as much of a chore, and within minutes you have a meal. I mean you can make homemade potato salad in four minutes. That is crazy fast to me, quicker than running to the store. 

Less Mess 

I love cooking for my family but hate the mess. The Instant Pot has the ability to create one-pot dishes instead of cooking hamburger in a skillet, then transferring to a baking dish, to cook your casserole. The pressure cooker allows you to saute your meat directly in the pot, so you don’t dirty as much dishes. 

Set and Forget 

Get your recipe ready, toss it in, set to correct settings and walk away. The Instant Pot gives you the ability to focus your time in other areas while it handles cooking your meals. Then when it is done, release pressure and grab your plates and silverware and dive in! 

Cook Frozen Meat 

Forgot to set that chicken out the night before for your chicken bake? That is okay, with a little adjustment to the cook time, you can cook frozen meats safely in your Instant Pot! Great for those who forget to pull out their frozen meat! 

Batch Cooking 

Need a bunch of shredded chicken, ground beef, etc? Your handy electric pressure cooker is a magical pot for batch cooking. Just make sure to buy a 6 quart or larger so you have the room! 

Meal Planning

Your instant pot is the perfect tool for meal planning.  You can create an entire month of freezer meals that are so easy to make and such a time saver for those crazy moments in life.  You can pick to make as many or as little as you like, depending on your needs at the time.  

10 Reasons Why I Love My Instant Pot 


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