Don’t Be Afraid of Your Instant Pot

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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Instant Pot, Here’s Why

My friend kept raving about her Instant Pot telling me I needed to take the plunge and try it. After a long time of going back and forth, I dived headfirst into the Instant Pot. I followed the directions to the recipes, read the entire manual, and stepped out a little anxious. I mean I have heard horror stories of pressure cookers back in the day. But what we have to remember is the Instant Pot, is new, improved, and electric. They have safety features built in to make them safe to use. So forget all that you have heard about old school pressure cookers, and consider trying one out today.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Instant Pot


What Is The Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a new and improved pressure cooker from the classic stovetop versions. This is an electric pressure cooker, that locks nice and tight with a sealing ring, and uses extreme pressure to cook your meals and sides.  The lid will sit on tight, and bring your pot up the pressure fast to cook meals in a fraction of the time. You get that moist, flavor-locked flavors in each dish you make.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Instant Pot

4 Instant Pot Myths Debunked

You Might Blow Up Your Kitchen

Okay, I just mentioned briefly above that the Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker. Old school pressure cookers were stovetop versions that didn’t have any safety features to protect you, and that is why they did blow up here and there. With the Instant Pot, you will find those safety features are put in place, so you don’t have those same risks every single time you turn it on.

Read that owners manual, watch videos on how to use the Instant Pot, and get familiar with it. Just like when the microwave came about, it was a whole new world for people, but once they stepped out and tried it, they loved it. I think you too will have the same love for your Instant Pot as so many households around the globe.

High Temperatures Create Carcinogens

Some say that because the pressure cooker heats to such high heat, that it produces carcinogens like grilling. This is false; the pressure cooker doe does not produce any harmful compounds. So if you have heard this, do even more research if you want, and rest assured it is a safe route to cook without those harmful compounds.

Destroy Minerals and Nutrients in Food

Cooking in an Instant Pot retains more vitamins and minerals found in foods like vegetables. You lock in more nutrients when you use your Instant Pot compared to steaming or boiling on a stovetop. Because it heats up fast and reaches prime temperature and then you release the pressure, it can help to preserve your vegetables.

Pressure Cooker Sterilizes Food

Okay, when I heard about this one, I just shook my head in disbelief. A pressure cooker is an excellent route to cooking food, but none the less it is not that magical. Yes, it cooks food fast and can lock in nutrients, but it will not sterilize your food. Some say you don’t have to refrigerate your food after cooking because it reaches a higher PSI. This is entirely false; you still need to refrigerate all the food that you cook in your pressure cooker. If you don’t you put yourself and family at risk for food poisoning.

Should I take an Instant Pot cooking class?

You really do not need too. There are some really fun ones and if you would like a fun night out than, by all means, please take the class.  All you really need to do is join out Instant Pot Recipes and Talk and Sous Vide group for all the help you need.  

Now get your instant pot out and break it in with a bunch of Instant Pot Freezer Meals and get a true appreciation for the miracle pot that it is.  

Check out all of my Instant Pot recipes, there will be a ton that you love.  You can also check out Adventures of A Nurse instant pot recipes, she has lead the instant pot recipe world.  

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