Skittles Color Blending Experiment

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Skittles Color Blending Experiment

If your house is anything like mine, you probably have all of the supplies needed for this Skittles Color Blending Experiment.  This is the perfect experiment to keep your kids busy on a rainy day or turn it into an entire lesson on stratification for those of your that are homeschooling.  

Skittles Color Blending Experiment


– white plate

– one bag of Skittles American Mix

– ½ cup warm water


1. Set plate on a flat surface.

2. Open the Skittles American Mix and sort out the light blue. You will only need about 1/4rd of the bag.

3. Arrange the Skittles in a red and blue star pattern: Start by using a white Skittle (this will be the middle of the star), add 5 blue Skittles around the white, then add another 5 blue Skittles coming off of those 5 to create a star. Repeat with the red Skittles.

4. Add the ½ cup of warm water slowly, pouring it onto the plate not directly onto the skittles.

5. Watch your Red and Blue stars expand like fireworks!

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