Unicorn Ribbon Wall Ring Craft ~ EASY Photo Instructions

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This Unicorn Ribbon Wall Ring Child craft is just the sweetest simple to make unicorn craft. Simple supplies needed and may be in your house right now.
unicorn wall pin

This Unicorn Ribbon Wall Ring craft is definitely one of my all-time favorite child crafts.  I am pretty sure every little girl is going to be in love too! I have been in love with Unicorns since I was a little girl.  I think most girls have a period where they are not sure if Unicorns are real or not.  One thing for sure, Unicorns are beautiful! 

This craft uses simple supplies.  You may have all of the supplies needed on hand.   I have included step by step photo instructions, making this a super easy to recreate craft.  

This would make a great Mommy & me craft.  You can make matching Unicorn Ribbon Wall Rings for each of your bedroom walls.  Also perfect for favors for a unicorn birthday party. 



  • Glitter cardstock paper
  • Decorative cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Decorative flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Various ribbons
  • Small metal craft hoop





  1. Start by rolling a corner of a piece of glitter cardstock paper into a cone shape. You want the top to be pointed, and to radiate down into a cone at the bottom. Cut the rolled cone out, keeping it rolled at all times.


2. Use hot glue to secure the rolled paper in the back. Trim the top to a tip that you are happy with, and cut the bottom so that it is level all the way across.

DSC_02053. Cut out two ear shapes from decorative cardstock paper.

DSC_02064. Hot glue the unicorn horn to the top of a metal hoop. Hold it in place until the glue has hardened. Do not worry if the glue shows, you will cover this up later.

DSC_02075. Use the hot glue gun to attach the two ears to the top of the metal hoop, one on either side of the unicorn horn.

DSC_02086. Attach some decorative flowers along the base of the unicorn horn and the ears to cover up and glue spots.

DSC_02107. Cut various lengths of different colors and widths of ribbons. Tie them in knots at the bottom of the metal hoop, allowing them to hang down on the bottom.

DSC_02128. You can attach a loop of ribbon at the back of the top of the hoop behind the unicorn horn if you would like to hang your unicorn ribbon ring.

DSC_0214 (1)The finished product is absolutely adorable.  Part of the fun is looking at it and reminding yourself to just believe.  Believe in yourself! XOXOXO 

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