Turkey Oreo Pops

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Turkey Oreo Pops are a fun and easy turkey inspired dessert. Colorful candy corn feathers and beak and a tasty Golden Oreo base.

Could these Turkey Oreo Pops be any cuter!?  I just LOVE them! They are super easy to assemble and give you tons of cuteness.  Impress all your Thanksgiving guests this year and watch the kids go crazy.

Turkey Oreo Pops

I love anything that I can involve the kids in creating.  These are definitely easy enough to have the kids help assemble.  

turkey oreos

Here are Ingredients used minus the Nutter Butter’s.  I had planned on using them but found them not necessary to obtain the right level of cuteness.

Assemble as pictured below, using  a bit of icing or melted chocolate as your glue.

Can I Use A Different Flavor Oreo

So what I found is the Golden Oreos offer a turkey feel. If you used a classic black Oreo, you might find it is a bit harder to tell it’s a turkey. 

But if you are not a fan of the Goldens you can try other flavors and see what you think on how it looks assembled. 

Candy Corn Dessert

Also keep you eyes out for colored candy corn. I have seen they have been working on different flavors and colors. The brown and orange in the autumn mix would also be pretty. 

How To Make Turkey’s Beak on Turkey Pops

What I did was cut off the end of the candy corn using only the orange part. Then use chocolate or even frosting to stick the beak onto the cookie.

How to Store Turkey Pops

These Oreos on a stick can be delicate. I lay them out in a pan and cover them up in air tight container. I don’t lay on top of each other. Or if I need to create layers use wax paper in between. 

You will find if you cookie pops are left out the coke will go stale fast. So make sure the container is airtight then store at room temperature. 

When to Make Oreo Thanksgiving Turkeys

  • Thanksgiving | Whip these up and set one on each placemat so every person gets their own turkey.  
  • Parties | Make and take for birthday party fun. You could individually wrap each cookie on a stick for each person if you wanted. 
  • Play Dates | This is a fun dessert to make for play dates, school parties, and more. Just make sure to check for food allergies before taking it. 

Do I Have To Put Turkeys On A Stick

No, you sure don’t have to. You are more than welcome to make the turkeys and not put them on a stick to resemble a sucker. This recipe is so simple to make and a fun dessert to even make with your kids. 

Give these fun turkey dessert sticks a try and let me know what you think. 

For another great Thanksgiving treat, try my Harvest Trail Mix

Turkey Oreo Pops

Turkey Oreo Pops

Turkey Oreo Pops


  • Oreos double stuffed cookies
  • candy corn
  • candy eyes
  • icing or melted chocolate for glue
  • lollipop sticks
  • bows


  1. Push candy corns into your creme filling, if you have double stuffed oreos, this should be easily done. If not a little disassembly/reassembly may be required.
  2. Insert a lollipop stick into the bottom. Attach a cute bow.
  3. Attach candy eyes using icing or melted chocolate as glue.
  4. Cut the fat end off of a candy corn and attach as a nose.

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