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With Thanksgiving being this week, now is the time for us to reflect on things to be thankful for.  Honestly ever since seeing Suffragette I have been thankful. I was definitely one of those girls that took our rights for granted.  I was raised by a tremendously strong feminist and grew into my own.  I had no idea that the rights, opportunities and voice that we have were something earned such a short time ago.  I was shocked at the end of the movie when it was scrolling the dates when women earned these same rights in other countries, to learn how some of those just happened such a short time ago.  It was SHOCKING to me!  I am embarrassed to say, I had my head stuck in the sand a bit.  It was my obligation as a proud feminist to really understand the sacrifices made by so many women to earn me those rights and what it really means to have these rights and voice. 

While I am so grateful for all that we have, and trust me I know that women still battle in this country for complete equality, but we do have the equal rights.  Watch this shocking video and you will see that there are still many women around the globe who do not have equal rights. 

  suffragette did you know

Imagine a world where you couldn’t leave your home without a man’s permission. For some women, that is their reality. The Suffragettes ignited the fight for women’s equality and it’s up to us to finish it. See the film, and take action at

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