5 Tips for Dealing with the Moody Teen Years

5 Tips for Dealing with the Moody Teen Years

5 Tips for Dealing with the Moody Teen Years

The teen years are full of a wide range of emotions. This once little child who adored you and loved doing things with you is now in this in between childhood and adult stage. While your teen still needs your support, guidance, and parenting they are struggling with this internal debate of wanting to be independent but also wanting that parent to hug them during tough times. When it comes to dealing with the moody teen years, parents everywhere get frustrated. Today I am sharing 5 tips for dealing with the moody teen years to help you cope during these trying times of parenthood.

Don’t Show your Frustration

Your teen has learned to read your facial expressions and body language. If you show your frustration at any level, your teen is more apt to shut down. When your teen is dealing with their moody moments they just need some level of support to not feel so frustrated themselves and when you showcase frustration to them, in body language or even facial expressions, it frustrates them even more which can destroy any chance of working through this moment peacefully and productively.

Learn to Let Go

All of the years prior your child would come to you with a problem hoping that you had a solution, during the teen years they no longer want you to solve everything for them. There will be times your moody teenager is venting about something and it’s not really a huge deal to them. As a parent, you will want to come to the rescue with either a life lesson to preach. Teens don’t care to have their problems solved, chances are they’re venting to you because they trust that you’ll listen without judgement.

Be There When Needed 

While you need to learn to let go while your teen vents and learns some life lessons on their own, it’s also important to be there when they seek your help. There will be times that your teen simply needs your input on a situation and while they may be all over the board emotionally, your reply can make that situation so much easier for them. Make yourself available to help your teen when they need you, because this will ensure they always come to you for support when times get too tough.

Allow Friends to Come Over

Most teenagers want to have a social life, but they may not wish to go to a friend’s house. During the moody teen years, their anxiety levels can be high when it comes to being away from home. Learn to keep your doors open to allow friends to come over. Teens who feel comfortable having their friends over will be less likely to get in with the bad crowd. This is a great way to know what your teen’s friends are like and in turn allow them a supervised social life.

Help Them Accept Change

Teens will often get moody because of changes in their life or routine. Between school changes, friends changing and other responsibilities being added to their plate, a teen can get overwhelmed very easily. With increased hormones, your teen isn’t able to calmly embrace big changes in their life. Teach your teen skills to cope when change arrives so that they can learn to accept change and roll with it. Take time to let them vent at the end of every day to you to help them get things off their chest.

There you have it 5 tips for dealing with the moody teen years. This stage in parenthood will take a lot out of you but if you try these tips shared today; you will start to feel like this teen raising job isn’t as bad as it can appear to be.


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