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I was recently invited to attend a 7-Day Switch Up Viva® Vantage® party.  With 4 boys at home this mom loves a good party! I arrived with bells on!  I must say, I was not so sure I was a good candidate for the challenge.  I have always been pretty obsessive loyal to the brand of paper towels I used.  The Viva® brand knows that people get into routines and sometimes get stuck in a rut – especially when it comes to your brand of paper towel. That’s why they’re encouraging you to “switch up” your current paper towel to Viva® Vantage®! Boy am I glad that they did! Make sure you keep reading to get that super hot coupon.

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Lets start with what exactly is the 7-Day Switch Up?  Viva® Brand is encouraging consumers to commit to a “7-Day Switch Up” and see why more people prefer the stretchy-strength of Viva® Vantage®, recently named a 2015 Product of the Year, over their current paper towel brand.  Viva® Brand is pretty confident that its revolutionary V-Flex™ weave, stretchy-strength, sponge-like absorbency, it will probably take you less than 7 days to decide.  Its revolutionary V-Flex™ weave is so incredible it stretches to scrub everyday messes while its stretch delivers the same scrubbing power as a sponge.

Our party got started and we were challenged to test out our Viva® Vantage® by doing various day-to-day tasks that usually involved other objects.

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The first item on the list immediately piqued my interest.  I have two colanders at home and they both always seem to be either dirty or full of freshly washed fruits or veggies.  Sometimes I just plain hate dragging out a colander to use to wash just a handful of grapes and then get the joy of washing that big bulky colander (UGH!).   Our wonderful hostess just so happened to have grapes on hand for us to test out the true strength of Viva® Vantage®.  Could it really be true that the revolutionary V-Flex™ weave was so strong it could duplicate a colander?  Lets get this test started.

WOW that was a complete success!!  This is, literally, life changing for me. My love/hate relationship with colanders is no more.  I will rarely need to drag one of those big clunky colanders out every again!

Here is a cute printable so you can have your own 7-day switch up tips handy.  Have a girls night and test some of these out yourself.  Head on over HERE and print out a HOT coupon so you can purchase Viva® Vantage® yourself. After experiencing the stretchy-strength and great scrubbing power of Viva® Vantage®, return to the website to dish on their switch and enter for a chance to instantly win a $100 gift card!

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