Hot Chocolate & Snowmen Holiday Gift

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Looking for an easy and tasty holiday gift to give? Here is my hot chocolate and snowmen holiday gift. A fun gift to give so they can make and sip on hot chocolate anytime they want! 

This is one of my absolute favorites this year!  What a perfect gift for your children’s teachers, neighbors and friends.  Brighten up anyone’s holiday with this sweet inexpensive gift made with lots of love.

Snowmen Holiday Gift

Decorating the marshmallows as snowmen was really easy using the CK candy writer.  I used black, pink and orange. I have used these in many projects, so you will get more than a one time use out of them. 

To make sure this project stayed extra easy, I just opened up a bunch of packs of hot chocolate.  Layered some broken candy cane pieces on top and then our adorable edible snowmen marshmallows.


I have made these before in mason jars and various small storage containers.


Homemade Hot Chocolate Vs Packets

Here is where you can be creative. Opt to make homemade hot chocolate and attach a note on how to make it. Or if you want a last minute idea reach for your favorite packet hot chocolate. 


Either will work, and the presentation is spot on! 


What Type Of Jar To Use For Snowmen Gift

You are welcome to use any container you want. Just ensure the lid screws on so it will hold your mix. You don’t want the marshmallows to dry out and harden. 


If you can’t find a container like mine with the white top that is ok. Any will work and you can always tie a ribbon around the lid for more color if you need. 


Who To Give This Snowmen Gift To

  • Coworkers
  • Child’s teacher
  • Mail carrier
  • Neighbors
  • Secret Santa’s 
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • And more

This gift is great for pretty much anyone. It is so easy and versatile. Add in flavored hot chocolate for a fun twist. 

Get creative and give a gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Can I Make These Snowmen Hot Chocolates Ahead of Time

Sure! Feel free to make up as many of these as you plan to use. They will store for quite awhile in the jars when it is sealed tight. The biggest thing is your marshmallows not drying out. 


I would say you could make these a week in advance from when you plan to give to whoever is on your list! 


So give this got chocolate snowmen gift idea a try. I think so many young and old will enjoy the sweet warm drink to sip on this cold and chilly winter. 



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