Flowers in Birdbath reuse & repurpose

Flowers in Birdbath

birdbath flowers 3

I just adore flowers.  I love to see them.  I love to have them surrounding my house so if I need to brighten my day, its as easy as looking out my window.  This year we really tried to create an oasis of sorts in our backyard. 

I had an old birdbath that I had stopped using a few years ago but still loved the style and look of it.  I decided to give it another go around this year but with a whole different use. 

This year my birdbath took on a whole new life and I love it even more!

I planted Wave Petunia’s in my gorgeous cement birdbath.  I used Wave Petunia’s because they are so hardy & I love the wave effect.  I knew this would create the exact look I wanted for my birdbath. 

birdbath flowers 2

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