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listerine 19Post sponsored by Listerine of Johnson & Johnson. All opinions are of my own. 


As many of you know, I get the great pleasure of visiting cool and exciting places from time to time.  Well much to my surprise I was graciously invited to visit the LISTERINE® Lab/Headquarters located in New Jersey.  This was a bit different from many of my past rendezvous and that made it even more exciting.  

LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash just launched a new campaign called BRING OUT THE BOLD.  LISTERINE® conducted some research they call, the Study of Bold. They found that people who use LISTERINE® are more likely to do bold things.

What do they define as bold? Well have you ever booked a trip and taken off the same day?  Do you tend to eat super spicy foods? Have you ever sky dived? White water rafted? You get the idea…. people who do bold things in life are more than likely a LISTERINE® user.  Weird huh?  Weird but true.  I think it is just a super fun fact and makes me more proud to call myself a LISTERINE® user.  

listerine 20

I have always been a long time user of LISTERINE®.  My dentist has recommended it to me for years.  My great genetics have left me prone to battle with my mouth and that has required me to be extra conscious of my own oral health routine.  Little did I know I had a lot to learn.  

melissa listerine 2

Ready for the lab tour!

My group started with a tour of the lab hosted by scientist Tara Fourre.  Tara gave us an incredible tour of the lab which included a 3D microscope and a pair of virtual reality goggles that let you feel like you were inside a mouth. You really got a great idea of the amount of bacteria that builds up in a 24 hour period in our mouths and just how disgusting that is.  We learned from Tara that “without breaking down the bacteria that grows on your teeth daily, you create the ideal environment for tartar to buildup.”

We also learned that brushing and flossing alone misses 75 percent of your mouth.  That number was more than shocking to me.  Now it was starting to make sense why my dentist has always told me that LISTERINE® was one of the most important parts of my oral health routine.  

To further convince of us this shocking fact, Tara conducted swish tests on us all.  Basically this consisted of us collecting our spit 1st, after we were treated to an amazingly delicious BOLD lunch.  2nd, collecting our spit after brushing our teeth.  3rd, collecting our spit after rinsing with a cap full of LISTERINE®.  Now the key point many of us have probably been missing is that you need to swish for 30 seconds.  I definitely have not been doing 30 seconds worth of swishing but after seeing what I saw in the lab that day, I can assure you I am swishing 30 seconds now.  

listerine swish test

My swish tests results are in!!  Baseline = (no brushing after a nice spicy lunch) lots of bacteria.  YUCK!  After brushing = WOW not that impressive at all. After learning that 75% is missed during brushing, I can really see all that bacteria that is still left behind in my mouth. GROSS! After boldly rinsing with LISTERINE® is shocking!! I see NO bacteria left behind!!! These results are amazing!! I will surely be a life long user of LISTERINE®, as well as my children!


After our lab tour we were off to a discussion led by Dr. Lee Gause.  A charismatic well dressed Manhattan dentist.   He quickly informed us that “we are experiencing a dental crisis in this country” He went on to share some more shocking data like the fact that brushing and flossing alone will only clean about 25% of your mouth and that’s not even mentioning the spots that we still miss in that 25%.

His own personal oral health routine includes two different types of LISTERINE®.  LISTERINE® has broadened their product line so much that there are multiple products that may fit your lifestyle.  

listerine gause 1

After learning that 75% of our mouth is left completely at risk after brushing alone.  We were happily informed that rinsing with LISTERINE® twice a day could improve our oral health tremendously.  Look at these numbers below.  After just six months of using LISTERINE® patients had 5 times more plaque-free site and 2 times more healthy gum sites.  What a relief!!

listerine 15

I had such a great day at LISTERINE®.  I am a proud BRING OUT THE BOLD user of LISTERINE®.  I will continue to live my life boldly and rinsing with LISTERINE®.  The only change in my routine is that I am faithfully rinsing for a full 30 seconds twice a day and I have included LISTERINE® HealthyWhite after learning that it gives you stain removing results in just 5 days!

listerine 18

Join me and start living your life boldly, proudly and rinsing with LISTERINE® twice a day! 



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  1. I use Listerine! And I like that it kills 99% of the germs. I also love their fact that Listerine users are more likely to quit their job to follow their dreams. I will be using Listerine twice daily LOL

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