Pros and Cons of the Disney Dining Plan and is it for You

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Pros and Cons of the Disney Dining Plan and is it for You.  This was one of the questions that drove me crazy while planning our first trip to Disney.  Read below and find out if it is right for you.  
Pros and Cons of the Disney Dining Plan and is it for you


Pros and Cons of the Disney Dining Plan and is it for You

Just like most things in life, there are both pros and cons to the Disney Dining Plan and if it is for you. It’s an element of your upcoming vacation that requires quite a bit of thought before making a final decision. These are a few things to initially consider about the possibility of paying for this option.



With the Disney Dining Plan, you can use your dining credits in whichever way is most convenient for your family. The vouchers are redeemable at over Disney 100 restaurants, featuring cuisine from all over the world. DDP now includes mobile ordering capabilities and many specialty drinks that weren’t included in the plan before.

Paid in Advance

When you opt for the Disney Dining Plan, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for each meal. Since you know how much you’ll be spending on food ahead of time, it also makes it much easier to budget your trip. Yay! Better yet, the plan eliminates the need for you or your family members to have cash on hand to pay for impromptu meals or snacks.

Works for the Whole Family

Another perk of the Disney Dining Plan (especially when you’re traveling with a large group) is the fact that you’re not required to eat together, spending your credits at the same time in the same restaurant. This is perfect for families of picky eaters who don’t usually to try out new things when it comes to food.


Lack of Appetizers

With the standard Disney Dining Plan, appetizers and some extras may not be included in your available menu choices. This can lead to paying out-of-pocket for certain snacks, especially when your family works up an appetite at the park… which is SO easy to do!

Pay for Unused Vouchers

Even if you don’t eat all of the meals on your Disney Dining Plan, you still have to pay for them. There’s no way to get reimbursed for unused vouchers, so that money goes to waste. Meal plan meals also tend to be pretty large. That being said, you just might end up with several unused tickets (turned souvenirs) at the end of your vacation.

Disney Dining Meal Plan

Less Spontaneous

Are you the spontaneous type? If so, this food option may be something you want to avoid. Why? With so many exciting restaurants and exotic dishes to choose from, dining at Disney is quite the memorable experience.

Sticking to the Disney meal plan, you won’t get the opportunity to sample as many of the treats the park has to offer.

Should you decide to purchase the Disney Dining Plan, it’s easy to keep track of your credits… also referred to as “entitlements.” You’re able to check your most recent restaurant receipt, inquire at any Guest Relations desk or use the My Disney Experience app.

The DDP is a dream come true Disney theme park visitors who LOVE to eat. The built-in savings allows participants to sample dishes and eat at restaurants they may not otherwise be able to enjoy.

Again, Disney’s Dining Plan is certainly not for everyone. It’s a facet of your vacation that requires research before you make the investment. The best thing to do is talk to your family members and then take a vote. In cases like this, every opinion counts!

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