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Lately I have been losing the battle. 😥 I have had some health issues and that has really messed up my dieting and all around healthy lifestyle.  I think most of us ladies struggle at some point with either our weight or just maintaining a healthy diet.  Things have reached a critical point where I need to make immediate changes.  My mind has been filled with other things, so I have been making lots of bad choices.  

This weekend was my first step in making healthier choices and not allowing myself to be set up for failure.  I had a ton of errands to run this weekend.  Most mornings when I am on the run I will head to the closest coffee shop for an iced coffee and a little something for my tummy.  Those two little items probably have more calories than I should be having for 2 meals. 

This weekend I decided to make a really easy change, starting with my breakfast.  Instead of running into the closest coffee shop I would make a really simple iced coffee and grab a quick bag of Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites.  Breakfast on the go has always been something I keep in the house for one of my youngest sons who is never on time for his school bus.  He will always opt to grab a bag of Breakfast on the go as he is running out the door. 

While shopping at my local Walmart recently I noticed these new Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites and knew they would be a huge hit with my son.  Then my wheels really started to spin and I thought this would also be a great option for my mornings when I am on the run.  Why had I not thought of this before?!  I also noticed these new special 5oz Mini Cans of nuts.  The selection was perfect; Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Natural Almonds & Walnuts, Peanuts Almonds & Cashews, and Cashews. The hardest part was picking which ones I wanted.  These are exclusively at Walmart. I grabbed a few cans to go along with my Nutty Bites and had a game plan that I was ready to try out. 

Okay Saturday, I am officially ready for you!

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What a satisfying breakfast!  My tummy was completely content and I felt amazingly refreshed and energized.  Bring on the errands!  But hang on, I still need to make sure the rest of my day does not go all wrong.  I had a ton of errands and being on the run all day is another downfall for me.  I normally will opt to stop for a cupcake or fries as a quick fill for my tummy when those hunger pains start to kick in later in the day. 

Okay, now I am ready to get on the road!

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I got on the road and got my errands started.  Hours had gone by before I felt any hunger pains.  So far things were going perfectly.  Just having my Emerald Mini Can of cashews was giving me a ton of confidence that I had this totally under control.  Finally those hunger pains started to kick in. It literally was as I was driving by a fast food drive thru but this time I kept on driving past.  I had all I needed right there in the car with me.  It felt empowering to drive past that drive thru and my cashews were a delicious healthy treat.  You know what….. I got this!

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With Emerald nuts on my team, I am now set up for success!  TEAM EMERALD!

If you want to try emeralds Emerald Breakfast On the Go!™ Nutty Bites and the Emerald® Nuts, you can find them at Walmart nation wide. But first download this $0.55 coupon available HERE.  Have an extra 10 minutes… if you are one of the first 100 you could earn a $5 Walmart gift card, just fill out THIS SURVEY (US citizens over the age of 18 only).

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  1. Small changes are the best to sticking with it long term! We love cashews too, hope you’re feeling better, best of luck on your journey!

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