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As many of you know, I have 4 boys.  With 4 boys it was inevitable that we are a big sports family.  My boys play many sports and love them all! This picture is of two of my boys early on in little league.  Since this picture was taken years ago we have added on basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, track, soccer, football with their friends, volleyball, and the list goes on.  There are few sports we don’t love.  

Now that they are older they really share the excitement of the Olympics, especially when its a sport they compete in and love themselves.  To add to our overall excitement of the Olympic games, one of our local young ladies is competing in gymnastics and won a gold medal! Go Laurie Hernandez!!!!! #TeamUSA! 

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We have had so much fun as a family watching the Olympics! You can not imagine the screaming that was heard coming from my household when Laurie won the gold! We are so proud of all that she accomplished and this joy has been shared town wide.  Having someone this close to home make it to the Olympics really got me thinking.  How did this talented young lady make it to the Olympics.  Who powered her dreams?  What support has she had?

I know one way we can all help power their dreams… Buy the brands that support Team USA by shopping for P&G products at Walmart.  P&G products are available at Walmart for an everyday low price.  Having been a long time frugal girl with 4 growing boys, Walmart has always helped me stay within my budget.  So being able to help support Team USA by buying the products we use everyday makes me feel like I am really making a difference.  We can help power these young athletes dreams.  Having Laurie Hernandez competing in the Olympics has really made this very personal for me.    

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I ran right out to Walmart to find and purchase participating products.  To honor my own son John who is a track star, I purchased the track & field featured product.  John has been on track for 3 years now and absolutely loves it.  He is quick too!!! I love seeing him watch Ashton Eaton participate in the Olympics and really cheer him on from the heart.  Seeing Ashton Eaton compete is really a great reminder that dreams do come true.  One day it could be my John competing! It is wonderful to hear John speak about his own possibility of participating in the Olympics one day.  I am sure he will be training extra hard this year after watching and being truly inspired.  

To honor Ashton Eaton, I purchased the Gillette® Fusion® ProShield® Razor with FlexBall™ Technology.  

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My husband loves his new razor! I must admit he looked incredibly handsome with his smooth close shave.  The Gillette® Fusion® ProShield® Razor with FlexBall™ Technology also:

  • Gives you lubrication BEFORE and after the blades to help shield your skin while you shave.
  • Has FlexBall Technology to give you maximum contact over your face’s contours to get virtually every hair.*
  • Provides 5 precision blades for less tug and pull*. 

Join me in supporting Team USA and buy P&G products at Walmart.

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