How To Freeze Cream Cheese

Freezing food you find on sale is a great way to feed your family for less and to limit food waste. Cream cheese is one food that can get expensive if you enjoy using it in your cooking. From mashed potatoes to homemade mac and cheese many everyday recipes use cream cheese making it a great item to stock up on when you find a good sale. To get the most from your stock you can freeze your cream cheese to give it up to an extra 6 months of storage time. Follow my easy steps for how to freeze cream cheese.

Can You Freeze Cream Cheese

Yes, and when it comes to freezing cream cheese you want to freeze it long before the expiration date. Most cream cheese will last several months in your refrigerator but if you wait until the last moment you will reduce the quality of your thawed product. Take a marker and write the amount of time left between the date you are freezing and the expiration date so you know how long the cream cheese will last after thawing. Add the date 6 months from the day you freeze so you know when packs must be thawed.

how to freeze cream cheese

Place the cream cheese still in the original sealed container into a freezer bag and remove air or vacuum seal to add another layer of protection from freezer burn. Place your cream cheese towards the back of the freezer where it will not be affected by the door opening as cream cheese thaws quickly.

how to freeze cream cheese

How do I Thaw Frozen Cream Cheese

When ready to use the cream cheese thaw in the refrigerator or in a bowl of warm water until soft enough to use. The texture of the cream cheese will change from being frozen. If you plan to use it in a cooked recipe you can use the thawed cream cheese as-is with no difference in the final texture of your cooked dish. If you will not be heating the cream cheese when cooking you will need to warm and stir the cream cheese to return it to a texture similar to the original.

how to freeze cream cheese

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