Dunkin’ Donuts introduces the NEW Blueberry Cobbler Croissant Donut & Caramel Latte Square

Disclosure: Thank you Dunkin’ Donuts for having me try out your Blueberry Cobbler Croissant Donut and Caramel Latte Square…all opinions are 100% my own!

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Did you know that the first Croissant Donut at Dunkin’ Donuts was introduced in 2014 as a limited-time only menu item, and became one of the most popular limited-time bakery items in recent brand history. I remember that event like it was yesterday.  I could not wait to try out one of the Croissant Donuts and it was love at first bite.  I was immediately hooked, as well as my kids.  We LOVE the Croissant Donuts!  

You can imagine my excitement at the arrival of the NEW Blueberry Cobbler Croissant Donut.  One of my other LOVES is anything Caramel! With the simultaneous arrival of the NEW Caramel Latte Square my excitement was doubled! 

The biggest issue I have with these two delicious donuts is deciding which one is my favorite.  The blueberry cobbler Croissant Donut was as heavenly as I expected.  Another love at first bite for me.  It is all the deliciousness of the croissant donut with yummy blueberry filling topped with a white icing drizzle and streusel topping. HEAVEN!!!!  It is very filling and satisfied every sweet craving I had. 

Now to try out the new Caramel Latte Square.  It was a tough job but someone had to do it, right?!  The Caramel Latte Square is a yeast square shell filled with coffee buttercreme made with Dunkin’ Coffee, frosted with caramel icing, then topped with a white icing drizzle and Dark Chocolate Caramel Cups. What can I say but, I was in LOVE!  It is truly impossible for me to tell you which one is my favorite.  Both were equally delicious and more than a satisfying snack to curb my sweet cravings and hunger pains.  

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Dunkin’ Donuts is committed to menu innovation, giving guests even more choices, with the same great taste, quality and value that they expect. I also love that I am always able to grab quick bite or a meal any time of day. Breakfast is not just for breakfast any more.  You get breakfast all-day, everyday.  Look at the incredible choices you can pick from.  We all know breakfast for dinner is the best!

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These two new donuts are available at all Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide for a limited time.  So hurry on over and do you own taste test. I bet you will be in love too!

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