Valentine’s Day: Have a Magical Valentine’s Day Printable

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This Valentine’s Day: Have a Magical Valentine’s Day Printable is just adorable!!  Your unicorn lover will be so excited when you print these out for her!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the simplicity of it and the emphasis on love and romance.   I love to put the emphasis on love.  I have always sent my boys off to school with Valentine’s when it was still age-appropriate.  Making extra special magical Valentine’s for them to hand out to their friends and teachers always made them love the holiday even more.  These Valentine’s Day: Have a Magical Valentine’s Day Printable are FREE for you to print and create your very own.  

Have a daughter? Well imagine her pure delight when you send her off to school with these adorable magical Valentine’s Unicorns.  

I have made this adorable printable that can be used on anything your creative mind comes up with. I have paired them with these adorable unicorn lollipops just adding to the cuteness.  You can order these from Amazon by clicking HERE.  Each sheet will print 4 Valentine’s for you to use. 

CLICK HERE to print your own

Valentine (2)Once you print out your Valentine’s cut them into four.  I used a box cutter to cut a slit to stick my unicorn lollipop into.  You will want to do this part for your kids.

vd unicorn

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