Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Beverages, Even On The Go

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The holidays are upon us and life only gets busier. Some days I am not even sure how I manage to get it all done.  Well I do know how I get it all done and its called caffeine. Lots of it!! When the going get tough, the tough needs to get busy! I am woman, hear me roar. I can and will get it all done! I will crush this day! Coffee don’t fail me now! 

One sure fire way to make sure my coffee does not fail me is to make sure I have plenty of Dixie® To Go cups on hand.  With no effort, no clean up, no worries. I have more time to focus on things that matter.  With their leak-resistant lid & insulated layer, it gives you the best on-the-go experience.  With Dixie® To Go it allows you to enjoy your hot beverage confidently.

Because life is extra hectic, I like to make sure I take a few minutes to add something extra special to my coffee.  This way when I am doing Mom taxi duty, running to get last minute gifts, running to buy more shovels for the upcoming storm, heck running to buy all the eggs and milk for the upcoming storm, I have something a little extra special to sweeten my coffee and my day.  It is just a sweet way to remind myself that it is the holidays and life is wonderful.  

Dixie® To Go cups have eliminated all of my clean up issues, which also frees up some extra time to make these delicious peppermint candy spoons. I keep these on hand so when I am in a rush, I can brew up some coffee, pour it into my to go cup, give it a good stir with my peppermint candy cane spoon and out the door I go with a delicious holiday flavored cup of coffee.  


Holidays are so important and it is important to not lose sight of all the things that really matter.  Simplifying your life in the areas that you can, like depending on products that allow you more time to focus on things that matter. Dixie® To Go cups have always been by my side and have always made my life easier. My day to day survival has just stepped up, to day to day pleasure and me time on the go.  


Even my coffee stopper reminds me to crush my day!

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