Easter is such a fun time of year! Sure it is typically viewed as the perfect time to give kids a few extra gifts, but why not spoil the adults in your house as well with some fun Easter gifts in their Easter basket as well! Welcome to our Easter / Spring Gift Guide. We love finding the best gifts for every occasion to make your shopping life a lot easier.

Whether you are buying all your gifts or doing some fun DIY options we are here to help with all kinds of fun Easter gift-giving ideas!

Hoppy Easter gift guide

Sure you can always start with a delicious chocolate bunny, but go beyond this with so many unique ideas that everyone will love! 

Who should you give an Easter Gift to?

Easter is the perfect time to let everyone in your life know that you care about them! If you have family in town for Easter be sure to create a fun Easter basket for them. Some other people you may not want to forget include are:

  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Parents
  • The host of Easter
  • Family members in college
  • Friends and family deployed
  • School teachers and bus drivers
  • Spouse
Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/childred-decorating-eggs-3972178/

Mail Gifts to Loved Ones

Have a grandchild states away? Don’t fear you can mail your gifts to their doorstep. Just remember if you want to brighten their day you don’t have to see them again!

You can find almost every single one of these gifts on Amazon. If you are a Prime Member you can score Free 2 Day Shipping. They also offer a gift wrap option for a small fee. Write a note and send it to who you want.

Other items in the list if you can purchase on Amazon you can order directly from their site. Most have the option to hide the price tag if need be, so your family or friends don’t know when they open the package up!

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Easter Gift Ideas

Easter / Spring Gift Guide 2022