Can you believe it? Summer is coming to a close, and the kids are headed back to school. As a mom, I always love to plan a little something special for the kids to let them know I am thinking about them, so I have rounded up my traditional back-to-school gift guide to give you all kinds of fun ideas! 

Believe it or not, a small back to school gift can go a long way in a student and teacher’s life. So we rounding up our favorites to give you all kinds of ideas! 

Plus there is such a long laundry list of essentials that are needed to get the school year started off right. We hand-selected all of our favorites to help you pick those essentials easily and expertly.

What do you give someone going back to school?

When someone is headed back to school, it is always a good idea to give them something practical that they can use. Pencils, pens, notebooks, and the staples that are needed. 

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However, I always love to think outside the box when it comes to back-to-school gifts. Especially for those students starting their first year at college. Their list of essentials goes way beyond pencils and pens. Think about giving a cool studying lamp, a bunch of Purell sanitizers, a Comfort Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow Combo, a cool Tech Case, a fantastic art supply item they will love for art class, a cute bento box, and let’s not forget a freezer full of meat! The possibilities are endless. 

Who should you buy a back to school gift for?

Back to school gifts can be for anyone. I love to buy them for my kids, newly graduated kids that are off to college, and we can’t forget about the teachers and the support staff at the school! Another one we don’t want to miss is the moms that are dropping their kids off at school for the very first time. A back to school gift can be for anyone you want to think about this time of year! 

Check out this growing back to school gift guide to find the perfect gift for your friends and family! 

Prepping For Back to School

Let me share some tips and tricks to help you prep for back to school so this year is a complete success! 


Take time to create a school supplies list you need, add on new hemp underwear, warm socks, backpack, sneakers, etc. then as you buy items mark them off. Whether you make a list on your phone or pen and paper it will help you to not forget or buy duplicates. 

Test Run

Consider loading up and doing a test run to see how long it takes to get kids to school. Add on some time for added traffic, that way you ensure you arrive on time. Or if your child takes the bus, practice that. It will get you really but also help ease your child’s mind. 

Talk to Kids

Make sure that you leave an open dialogue for your kids. Starting a new school year can be scary. Especially if it is a milestone grade like kindergarten, middle school, etc. So ask often if they need to talk or are scared in any way to help ease their minds. 

My best recommendation is to consider purchasing the ultimate protection for both you and your child, a children’s TickTalk 4 smartwatch phone for ages 5-12. It works like a standalone cell phone that’s designed for kids. With features like GPS location tracking, it is a school bus essential.

Make The First Day Special

Take time to make the first day special. Take them to breakfast or make a fun back to school breakfast like my funfetti pancake mix muffins at home. Take first day pictures. Have a surprise waiting for them when they get home. Just let them see you are excited for them. 

Funfetti Pancake Mix Muffins

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