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Valentine’s Pudding Pops with LOVE

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vd pudding pops

Valentine’s Day is a big holiday around my house.   I have 4 boys so many of you may wonder  what could be such a big deal about Valentine’s Day when you have all boys.  To begin with my hubby is very thoughtful and very romantic.  He always has roses for me every year since I have known him.  The part that impressed me the most in our early years was that he also has roses for his Mother every year as well.  That sweet gesture from my husband to his mother year after year caused a real aha moment for me.  My husband is this sweet, thoughtful and romantic man because he was taught this early on in life.  It is now my turn to teach my boys how to be sweet, thoughtful and romantic men. 


Each year I like to make my boys special treats to truly teach them to embrace the holiday.  To teach them that being thoughtful is much more important than buying jewels (okay maybe equal, lol) when they are older.  Appreciating all the beauty of the holiday.  The sweet treats, bright colors, tons of hearts, tons of flowers, more treats and tons of LOVE.


One of my boys many special treats will be these adorable Valentine’s Pudding Pops with LOVE.  Everything I make for Valentine’s Day is made with tons of LOVE.  That is the key ingredient!


This treat is super easy to make and definitely something you may want to have the kids help with.  Making them is just as fun as eating them.



  • 3oz plastic cups
  • popsicle sticks
  • sprinkles
  • instant vanilla pudding & pie filling mix
  • cherry Kool-Aid
  • LOVE


Fill the bottom of your cups with sprinkles of your choice


Make vanilla pudding according to package directions.  Pour vanilla pudding into your cups anywhere from 1/2 way to 3/4 full.  Put cups into the freezer.  Freeze for a couple of hours until pudding is starting to harden. Once pudding is firm enough place your popsicle sticks into the center and place back in the freezer. 


Freeze pudding a bit longer to make sure it pretty well set and then add your Kool-Aid on top.  Once filled up place back into the freezer.


In just a few short hours your pudding pops will be ready to be shared.   Make sure to serve them with lots of LOVE!





Sharing is caring!

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