Many may say that the best part of getting married is the honeymoon.  This very well may be the best vacation of your lifetime.  Make it the most it can be.  I have compiled this Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations to help you to do just that.  

Your honeymoon is one of those trips that you should splurge on without an inkling of guilt! Wedding planning has been nothing short of stressful. The only thing that held you afloat was the thought of your honeymoon. It is the one time you will actually have time to celebrate your newly married status. You need a perfect honeymoon destination that will forever be etched in your memory. Question is where will you go?  Settle for your perfection with the following top 10 best honeymoon destinations.

  1. Verona

Do you get giddy with excitement whenever art, Romanian history, and architecture are mentioned? If yes, you should be thinking about an Italian honeymoon. More specifically the epicenter of love- Verona. Hallo Romeo and Juliet! In Verona, you can relive Shakespearean love as you visit Casa di Romeo and Giuletta house. The city is also a UNESCO world heritage site filled with Romanian history. Perfect honeymoon destination, right?

2. ) Maldives

Maldives. I love how the name easily rolls off your tongue. Perhaps as an indication that Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Most of the resorts focus on secluding their guests and this is perfect for couples that seek privacy. Maldives also has unlimited beaches and this translates to underwater adventures.

3) Tuscany

Medieval cities, great wine, and spectacular scenery are among the attractions in Tuscany. Did I mention that it is home to Michelangelo’s statue, ‘David’?  Speak of an infusion of romance and history!

4) Maasai Mara

Does the wild appeal to you as a couple? Or maybe you are just looking for a honeymoon destination that will make you in touch with nature? The Maasai Mara will grip you with its wildlife including the big five and beautiful landscape. Oh, did you know that the 7th wonder of the world happens at the Maasai Mara? Please visit this exclusive honeymoon destination and be among the few that have seen the great wildebeest migration. You can also enjoy game drives, tented accommodation, bushwalks and an unrivaled cultural experience.

5) Thailand

Thailand is the home of real luxury and relaxation for honeymooners. It is simply a special honeymoon destination for a special couple like you. So, what is enticing about Thailand as a honeymoon destination? Splendid landscapes, scrumptious food and drop-dead gorgeous beaches to say the least.

6) Santorini

If there is a honeymoon destination that can be labeled as swoon-worthy, Santorini would be it! Santorini is a precious Greek gem. It is not only picturesque but also has some of the best jaw-dropping sunsets. Isn’t that why people get married? To swoon in love as they enjoy the beauty of sunsets such as Santorini’s?

7) Bora Bora

Do you know why Bora Bora features in many top 10 ten honeymoon destinations? Well, not because Tahiti of Moana made it popular. As one of Tahiti’s islands, Bora Bora has unrivaled beauty. It is a perfect place to unwind after the wedding and enjoy your marital bliss.

8) Cape town

Do you get bored with honeymoon destinations that only offer one kind of activities? If yes, opt for Cape Town. Enjoy mountain climbing and paragliding at Table Mountain or lion’s head. Learn about culture on Robben Island and Bo-Kaap. View exotic trees at the Arderne gardens. Kitesurf at table view. Cape Town is a honeymoon destination that has something for every couple.

9) New Orleans

At first, I thought this city couldn’t possibly make it on the list of top 10 best honeymoon destinations. How wrong was I? If you two are social animals or enjoy gothic stuff, then go to New Orleans. The city is aptly nicknamed ‘big easy’. Parties don’t just stop in New Orleans. You will be spoilt for choice with vampire tours, electrifying music and cultural tours to the French Quarter.

10) Zanzibar

This has to be one of the most stunning tropical islands. The beautiful turquoise water and the mouth-watering seafood will see to it that you have an epic honeymoon. Zanzibar will also give you cultural lessons when you visit Stone Island.

Pack your bags!

With the above top 10 best honeymoon destinations, you can be sure that your first getaway as a married couple will be epic!

Young romantic honeymoon couple in the jungle rainforest of a tropical island of Bali.

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