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Patriotic Bark

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What would a holiday be without holiday bark from me.  I love capturing each and every holiday with delicious holiday bark.  July 4th is one of my favorites.  Bark is such a simple easy treat to make that will impress everyone. 

Years ago when I first starting working with chocolate, it was hard to find the chocolate melts.  You usually were only find them in specialty candy making shops.  Now you can easily find the melts in most Party City stores and on Amazon.  I have found them lots of other places so I have learned to keep my eye out for them.  I always have on hand almost, every color available.  This way if the mood strikes for making some sweet treats, I am really to roll. 

The possibilities are really endless, all you have to do is put your creative mind to work.  Check out this adorable use of chocolate dipped marshmallows

If you happen to use the Wilton candy melts the directions on the back are perfect.   If not I will tell you the perfect directions for melting your chocolate. 


Melting chocolate:

In a microwave-safe container microwave candy melts at 50% power or the defrost setting on your microwave.  Melt for one minute to start.  Remove and stir.  Place back in the microwave for additional 30 seconds at 50% power.  Remove and stir.  Continue to do this in 30 second intervals until smooth and creamy.  Remember less is better.  You can help melt some pieces that are still not fully melted by stirring with a spoon.  You do not want to over microwave your chocolate. 


Directions for making your bark:

Pour your melted chocolate onto a piece of parchment paper.  Spread it out to about the thickness you would like your bark to be.  Quickly (before your chocolate starts to firm up) add your toppings to your chocolate.  This is where you will want the kids to join in the fun.

Sharing is caring!

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