Over the Hill, Extra Marbles, Gag Gift

over the hillOver the Hill, Extra Marbles, Gag Gift


Unfortunately its happening to some of us.  Thankfully its happening to my husband and my brother before me! I will always be younger then they are!!  I will also remind them of that fact often!  Payback will be brutal but it will be totally worth it!! 

Rather than opt for some of the cute over the counter, premade Over the Hill items, I wanted to make something special for my brother who was turning 50!  Yikes!!  Anyone in this age range knows the importance that marbles played in many of our childhoods.  Back in the days where there were no video games, no pokemon cards… we had marbles!  Kids loved marbles!  You would collect them, trade them and play with them.  I still have a fond attachment to marbles. 

I thought this would be a sweet and funny gift for my brother.  I know he still loves marbles also. Playing on the expression “lose your marbles” I decided to fill a mason jar with marbles.  I took a walk through Michaels craft store to find some inspiration and found these adorable chalk board stickers (they really work!) and some cute twine to tie.  They had some sweet Mason jar tags that also would look adorable.  You can really cater this craft around the old geezer you are gifting (as you can see I am still in wise guy mode!).

This will at least give you the idea and inspiration to make a personalized special marble jar for your over the hill loved one.  Go ahead and get your jabs in because one day the joke will be on you!

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    April Cook
    August 22, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    This gift made me laugh. I’ve been looking for the perfect gift for my sister and I think this is it. It would also make a fun party favor to give out. You could get little canvas bags to put them in instead of a jar. Thanks for the idea!

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