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How To Beat The Heat In The Summer

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How To Beat The Heat In The Summer


Heat can kill you. More people die from heat related illnesses in the summer because they do not know how to protect themselves from the heat. Even if you have air conditioning the summer heat can still take a toll on your health even if you are only out in the heat for a short period of time. Older people and children are the most likely to have health problems that are related to summer heat.


Watch what you wear during the summer. Lighter colored clothing reflects the light of the sun that produces heat better than dark clothing. Wearing less clothing is also a way to beat the heat. You can find a wide range of summer-appropriate clothes at a budget price with promo codes for Nordstrom, so it may be a good idea to revise your wardrobe.


Staying inside can protect you from severe heat, although it may also be more damaging to a person’s health if they do not have air conditioning because it gets hotter inside than it is outside. You can stay on the porch in the breeze or use a fan to help beat the heat.


Many stores and all governments are aware of health problems that people face when it is really hot. Some stores provide coupons for clothing, drinks, fans, and other items that can help you beat the heat. Governments and utilities also provide coupons that reduce the costs of air conditioning for people who do not have air conditioning. Most air conditioning companies have summer specials that offer discounts on air conditioning in the summer.


If you just cannot afford air conditioning then go to a public building like a library that has air conditioning when the heat gets intolerable. You can also consider going to a shopping center.


Drinking a lot of water helps you stay cool in the heat. Water alone is the best thing to drink. Sugary drinks and drinks that contain alcohol actually make you feel hotter.


Try to do less physical work in the summer. The more you work in the heat the more likely you are to lose water through sweat and the loss of enough water can make you have a heat stroke.


Taking a shower, taking a bath, going swimming, or just running around under the sprinkler is a great way to cool off and is an easy way to keep children safe from the summer heat.


People that live where the humidity is high in the summer should be more careful about the effects of the heat. High water content in the air actually makes you sweat more and makes you more likely to have a health problem that is heat related.


You can consider going to visit friends or family in areas that are cooler if the summer temperatures where you live stay above 90 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a week.


You should pay attention to warnings about the heat from your local weather service and follow their instructions. Remember – summer heat can harm your health permanently or even kill you, so you need to protect yourself from it in all the ways that you can.



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